Ready to kick off the new year with a fresh start? We've invited Esther, the visionary behind Your Tidy Half, to bring you expert tips on tidying up our homes for the new year. As a certified KonMari® Consultant, she employs the KonMari Method® to declutter, organise, and reimagine spaces. 

Read on as she shares some home organising wisdom or dive deeper into decluttering, organising, and reimagining spaces. Let's declutter and create spaces that spark joy together!

Are there specific areas or categories within my home that I should focus on decluttering and organising first?

With the KonMari® Method, there are 5 categories to look into that will help you tidy the entire home. The KonMari Method is effective as tidying is done by category instead of by location. Work through each category in order – clothes, books, paper, komono (miscellaneous) and lastly, sentimental items.

Esther is categorising the items based on the shelf levels

What is your advice for dealing with sentimental items that are difficult to part with but need to be organised?

Sentimental items are things that bring you the most joy and deserve a special place in your home. If a sentimental item brings you joy, keep it without guilt and find the best spot for it to shine. You can use a memorabilia box to organise such items if you want to keep them physically. Alternatively, take a photo of those that are hard to keep and store them digitally.


Esther is folding baby napkins

What are your recommendations for labelling and categorising items to ensure they stay organised over time?

Once you’ve decluttered, find a suitable home for each item category. By doing this for every category, you will create a system for the home which is easy to maintain. This eliminates clutter as you’ve designated a spot for where things go (no questions asked when it’s time to tidy up!). Storage can be used to support this system so things stay tidy over time.

Labelling adds the final touch to the space as it provides clarity and functionality to your system, especially when you live with many household members. For labels, you can invest in a label printer or simply use washi tape and a marker.

Food labelling


Can you share ideas for repurposing or upcycling items to reduce waste and maintain an organised space?

Many items can be reused as storage to keep the home organised. Takeaway boxes, gift boxes, shoe boxes etc can all be used to organise miscellaneous items like stationary, electrical parts, and tools. You can even reuse jars or cups to store stationery and craft items.


As we conclude our insightful interview with Esther, we can't help but feel inspired and motivated to embark on a journey of decluttering, organising, and reimagining our living spaces for the new year. Head over to Your Tidy Half to learn more about how Esther can guide you towards a harmonious, organised living space!

January 08, 2024 — Daphnie Teo

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