Camouflaging Bomb Shelter: Ideas and Wallpaper to Help Inspire Your Interiors

Bomb shelters, a compulsory feature in all Singapore flats since 1997, are designed to protect residents during emergencies. However, their presence often disrupts the aesthetic harmony of a home. In this blog, we explore various ideas and wallpaper options that can effectively camouflage bomb shelters while adhering to Singapore's laws and regulations.

Regulations Governing Bomb Shelters in Singapore

The Civil Defense Shelter Act regulates the construction and modification of bomb shelters in Singapore. The Act stipulates that no modifications can be made to the shelter's walls, floors, ceiling, door, or vents. However, the external wall of the bomb shelter can be decorated, provided the door remains easily accessible.

In Singapore, bomb shelters are standard in Housing & Development Board (HDB) flats. When it comes to wallpapering these shelters, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • No drilling or hacking: The walls, floor, ceiling, and door of the bomb shelter cannot be drilled or hacked. This means that any wallpaper or other decorative elements must be applied in a way that doesn't damage these surfaces.
  • Theme consistency: The wallpaper should match the theme of your flat. For instance, if your home has a warm and cozy ambiance, choosing grainy textures for wallpapering can conceal undesirable parts of your blast door and match up nicely with the theme.


  • Removable fixtures: You can use removable screws and fixtures for mounting cabinets, shelves, fans, and the light. This could extend to wallpaper and other decorative elements, as long as they can be easily removed and not damage the shelter's surfaces.
Safety regulations: Any modifications to the bomb shelter must comply with the Singapore Civil Defence Force's (SCDF) Guidelines on Household Shelters. This includes restrictions on modifying, changing, removing, or tampering with the door or ventilation openings.

Ideas to hide or camouflage your bomb shelter

Integrating a bomb shelter into a home's design while maintaining its functionality presents a unique challenge for interior design. The objective is to ensure the shelter serves its protective purpose yet aesthetically complements the home's overall design.

This involves strategic planning and innovative design solutions. Color, texture, and form can help the shelter entrance blend with the existing decor. Concealment strategies might include furniture designed to disguise the entrance, artwork placed strategically, or architectural elements like false walls or bookcases.

The focus is on balancing the shelter's practical requirements and the aesthetic principles of interior design. This blog will provide insights into how a bomb shelter can be a safety feature that contributes seamlessly to a home's design narrative.

Build Around the Bomb Shelter Door: Construct a structure or design element around the bomb shelter door to blend seamlessly into the surroundings.  
Image Source: Livspace
Use a Traditional Trapdoor-Style Bookshelf: Install a bookshelf that doubles as a trapdoor to cleverly conceal the entrance to your bomb shelter.
Image Source: Home and Texture
Make it a Part of Your Interior Design Style: Incorporate the bomb shelter into your overall interior design, making it a unique and functional home feature.
Image Source: Barn Doors
Incorporating it as part of the Wallpaper: Use wallpaper to disguise the bomb shelter door, creating a continuous pattern that distracts from the shelter’s entrance.
Image source: Ermetika

    Wallpaper ideas for bomb shelter

    Blake Horizon, Ombre Mural Wallpaper

    The Blake Horizon, Ombre Mural wallpaper, is a visual retreat in your home, mirroring the serene temperament of the horizon. This wallpaper, combines various tones in an organic blend, creating a calming oasis. When synergized with contemporary furniture and decor, it adds a new dimension to your space. The subtle blends in its colourways are a gentle reminder of the tranquil horizon, making your home a peaceful sanctuary. 

    Horizon, Ombre Mural Wallpaper, with a sideboard in the middle
    Featured: Blake Horizon Ombre, Mural Wallpaper

    Saltwater Blooms, Pattern Wallpaper

    Saltwater Blooms, a pattern wallpaper, is a fusion of ocean waves’ elegance and aquatic flowers’ charm, offering a hypnotic visual treat. Perfect for a standout wall, its four adaptable pastel hues effortlessly match both dark and light decor. This Bomb Shelter Wallpaper variant brings a unique twist to your space, infusing it with an undersea floral aesthetic. It’s more than just wallpaper; it’s a statement of style and a testament to exquisite design. A touch of the ocean, right in your living space.

    Saltwater Blooms, Pattern Wallpaper in grey in master bedroom

    Featured: Saltwater Blooms, Pattern Wallpaper 

    Watercolour Gradient, Ombre Mural Wallpaper

    Behold the captivating charm of our Bomb Shelter Wallpaper, a fusion of Watercolour Gradient and Ombre Mural designs. This wallpaper perfectly blends warm, neutral tones that can turn your living rooms, kitchens, dining areas, and offices into tranquil retreats. Adorn your walls with this Bomb Shelter Wallpaper and let the magic unfold. 

    A Blush Pink Watercolour Gradient Ombre Mural Wallpaper is featured on a wall, complemented by a grey sofa adorned with variously designed pillows. Adjacent to the couch, a marble-textured coffee table and a rattan chair complete the setting.
    Featured:  Watercolour Gradient, Ombre Mural Wallpaper

    Saltwater Foliage, Pattern Wallpaper

    Infuse your sanctuary with the allure of the ocean using our Saltwater Foliage Pattern Wallpaper. This design, inspired by the intricate beauty of sea corals, brings coastal elegance to your space. It's a refreshing departure from the mundane, ideal for those seeking a beach resort ambiance. Our Bomb Shelter Wallpaper variant offers a unique twist, adding an intriguing layer of depth to your decor. It's more than just wallpaper; it's a statement of style, a celebration of nature's artistry, and a testament to your exquisite taste.

    Saltwater Foliage, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper in green intalled in a dining area beside a kitchen

    Featured: Saltwater Foliage, Pattern Wallpaper

    Misty Jungle, Landscape Mural Wallpaper

    Misty Jungle, Landscape Mural Wallpaper, a design that brings the forest's allure to your living space. This Bomb Shelter Wallpaper variant offers an enchanting and tranquil home ambiance, transforming your space into a serene jungle retreat. A perfect blend of tranquility and allure, this wallpaper is a testament to the beauty of nature and the comfort of home.

    Misty Jungle, Landscape Mural Wallpaper featured on a wall of a dining area with white dining table and chairs

    Featured: Misty Jungle, Landscape Mural Wallpaper

    Leaf Love, Mural Wallpaper

    Leaf Love Mural Wallpaper, a green haven in your home. Oversized palm tree leaves offer a striking focal point, turning your space into a verdant oasis. With the diverse shades of green, your interior mirrors natural beauty. Our Bomb Shelter Wallpaper ensures durability and longevity, making your lush paradise last.     

    Leaf Love, Mural Wallpaper,featured on the wall, seen in a cozy living room with two comfortable armchairs and a coffee table in the center adding to the tropical feel of this space.
    Featured: Leaf Love, Mural Wallpaper

    Saltwater Ripples, Pattern Wallpaper

    Saltwater Ripples, our Pattern Wallpaper, brings the tranquility of the ocean to your space. The design, reminiscent of gentle ocean waves, instills a calming, coastal vibe. Now, imagine this serenity in a bomb shelter. Our Bomb Shelter Wallpaper variant maintains the same soothing aesthetic, providing a peaceful retreat even in unexpected places.

    A modern dining room shines under pendant lights. The centerpiece, a large wooden table, is surrounded by six white chairs. The wall features an arched alcove with a purple Saltwater Ripples Pattern Wallpaper.

    Featured: Saltwater Ripples, Pattern Wallpaper 

    Palm Paradise, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

    Adorn your walls with our Palm Paradise, Tropical Mural Wallpaper, a perfect blend of tranquility and vintage charm. This design, part of our Vintage collection, is reminiscent of a lush, tropical retreat. The green palm trees set against a warm backdrop create a serene environment. Paired with wooden furnishings, it enhances your decor, offering a fresh, breezy vibe. Our Bomb Shelter Wallpaper ensures durability and longevity, making it a wise investment for your space.


    Palm Paradise, Tropical Mural Wallpaper in honey colourway featured in a natural-lit living room, as seen in an arched door.

    Featured: Palm Paradise, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

    Wilma Wreath, Pattern Wallpaper

    Wilma Wreath, Pattern Wallpaper, a timeless classic, brings a touch of sophistication to your space. The laurel wreath pattern, a symbol of victory and honor, adds an intriguing element to your walls. This wallpaper is more than just a decoration; it’s a statement of elegance and grace. This wallpaper turns your bomb shelter from a mere safety zone into a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility.


    Wilma Wreath Patterned Wallpaper in Dusk Blue Featured on a wall of room with a wooden table, and has books, a mirror, and an abstract sculpture on top, and a rattan chair
     Featured: Wilma Wreath, Pattern Wallpaper


    Shiplap, Vertical Striped Wallpaper

    Add a touch of sophistication to your interiors with our Bomb Shelter Wallpaper, a timeless Shiplap, Vertical Striped Wallpaper design. With its tongue-and-groove pattern, this versatile wallpaper creates a stunning paneling effect. Whether you apply it to the top, bottom, or the entire wall, it’s sure to enhance your space.  


    Shiplap, Vertical Striped Wallpaper in White in Living Room in neutral tones


    Featured: Shiplap, Vertical Striped Wallpaper

    Idun, Nature Pattern Wallpaper

    Our Idun, Nature Pattern Wallpaper, is a unique blend of sharp point ferns and fruits that adds a touch of elegance to any room. This design perfectly blends style and tranquility, suitable for modern and classic backdrops and interiors. It’s like having your own personal bomb shelter wallpaper, providing security and peace in your space. This wallpaper enhances your room's aesthetic appeal and creates a serene and calming environment.


    Idun, Nature Pattern Wallpaper in light blue featured on a wall of a bedroom with a bed with a patterned sheets and pillows.
    Featured: Idun Botanical, Pattern Wallpaper 

    Hardwood Panels, Striped Wallpaper

    Add a touch of nature to your space with our Hardwood Panels Wallpaper. Inspired by mid-century interiors, this design brings the authentic look of natural wood to your walls without the need for accurate wood installation or maintenance. Each panel measures approximately 10cm in width, separated by a 3-5mm groove, creating a realistic wood paneling effect. The minimal woodgrain repetition and actual-size details enhance the authenticity. Perfect for creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere in any room, including your bomb shelter.     

    Hardwood Panels, Striped Wallpaper in the living room
    Featured: Hardwood Panels, Striped Wallpaper  


    Transform your bomb shelter with our exquisite mural wallpaper collection

    In conclusion, transforming a bomb shelter into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space is entirely possible with the right ideas and wallpapers. By employing clever camouflage techniques such as strategic lighting, creative storage solutions, and visually engaging wallpapers, you can seamlessly integrate the bomb shelter into your home's design while maximising its potential. Browse our best-selling wallpapers to get inspired!

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