Create a custom wallpaper for your home or office

Custom Wallpaper for Home

Looking to transform your home or office space?

Custom wallpapers are one way to change up and refresh your home or office decor. It is hassle free, and lasts a long time if applied properly.

Unlike paint where you have to sand, prime and coat it with at least 2 layers of paint, a contractor (you may hire one through us) can easily put up a wallpaper of your choice onto an old wall. And viola! A new wall decor that gives any space a new lease of life.

Custom Designs for your Custom Wallpapers

Here at Hello Circus, we have collaborations with artists on designs that are uniquely ours.



Wallpaper: Sweet Blooms (in collaboration with A Brush with Mel)
Gorgeous hand-painted floral design in soft watercolour brush strokes


Wallpaper: Atlas Jungle (in collaboration with StyledbyPt)
World map mural with native animals. Perfect for a kid’s nursery


On other designs, we go the extra mile to consult with you to advise on the optimal design. For example, if you have adjacent walls as opposed to just one wall, we will make sure a mural design flows smoothly from one wall to the next. 
Browse through our many designs, and feel free to drop us an email. We’d be happy to hear from you!
October 06, 2020 — Hello Circus

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