New Wallpaper for Kids Room

It's a small world- a new collection for kids- launches this Thursday! We were inspired by every child's wondrous curiosity, innate bravery, and their pure unbridled joy when it's time for play. One of the most delightful things about children is their sense of innocence and wonder, but maintaining that in today's hurried world can be a challenge. To continously foster moments of joy and childlike wonder, we thought we should take a playful approach and embrace nature. Afterall, play encourages creativity and nature fosters emotional development in children.

4 New Wallpaper Designs for the Little Ones

With that in mind, and drawing inspiration from people around us, 4 designs made the cut. We have a playground, a barnyard, a nautical and a woods design.

Have you seen our playground design up close? It has fruits masquerading as playthings! Inspired by our niece who loves eating fruit and of course to play. Which kid doesn't?

Our barnyard design is a nod to rustic farm life and its creatures. Animals are always a favourite amongst kids.

The nautical design can be used in a nursery or child's bedroom which can be styled in a multitude of styles. See our moodboard on our instagram for inspiration!

And as always, we have to have a nature themed design in the form of a woodlands. It just sets the tone for a calm inviting space, just what new parents need sometimes. Autumnal, soft colours were chosen for its longevity and not to overwhelm. Besides, our colour palette is suitable for creating gender neutral rooms.

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Our team continuously went back to the drawing board with our various design and colour iterations before settling on the final product. We hope children, young and the not so young, love the designs! Head on down to 'New In' on to discover more.

November 26, 2020 — Hello Circus



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