With us ushering the new year in, we were wondering about what we could look out for in the coming year when it comes to interior styling and design. So we took the chance to speak to Jill, who works as a Brand Visual Manager at Crate & Barrel! 

We spoke to her on what she thought about the coming year's design trends, and we cover some simple tips for you to take the right steps in planning out your interior spaces.

1. Are there some design trends to look out for in 2022?

"Warm, tactile materials, curves and high-contrast wood are some of the many trends in 2022. We'll see plenty of light and natural wood working together with dark, ebonized wood within the same space."

Light and dark wood console set up in a living room with warm tones

"Textured materials such as Jute, Sisal, Cane and linen will be some of the elements seen in the home. From rugs, decor pillows to accessories, these textured materials will help to add some warmth into the space, helping to soften the look and feel of the home."

Bedroom with natural materials and light coloured wood

"In the past we've seen lots of curves in architecture spaces and now, this trend is moving towards furniture pieces such as sofas and dining tables."

Soft white textured furniture in the living room. Curved furniture with many rounded corners


"Silhouettes of sofas are curved, fluid and plush — allowing one to feel as if the piece of sofa or accent chair is embracing you. Dining tables are more sculptural and can also be used as a stand alone piece in an entryway if space allows."

Large dining room with dining table at the center. A light fixture hangs down the middle of the room

2. What are some anchor items that you usually start planning with?

"Personally, I like to start off with a main furniture piece such as a sofa or a dining table and work around those pieces." 

Concept image with dining table as the center piece, with floating images of furnishings to showcase a mind map

Garden Bloom Wallpaper

3. What are some things that you would do to make a small space feel more spacious? 

"Mirrors can help a space feel more spacious as it reflects a specific focal point in a room to make the depth of the room feel bigger."

"Consider using curtains instead of blinds as its vertical drapes help create an illusion of height and volume. Pair it with pendant light at the key areas like the dining table to complement the effect."

Photo collage of a modern floor mirror and an image of a dining room with full length curtains


4. How about on the flipside? For those with larger spaces to work with?

"If you have a bigger space to work with and you don't want it to feel over cluttered, opt for storage pieces such as sideboards and cabinets where you can store additional things such as your dinnerwares or serving pieces, that way you can focus on the aesthetics of the room and make the storage piece the focal point of the room."

Photo collage of four images, a wall arch with a floral wallpaper and a sideboard, a coffee brown side console, a dining area with a gradient wallpaper and a sideboard with gold accents

Flower Fields Wallpaper, Marigold Mountain Wallpaper

We hope that this helped you in thinking about how to plan your interior design space, and if you're interested in checking out our best-selling wallpapers, head here!

Products credits: https://www.crateandbarrel.com.sg/

January 11, 2022 — JERALD ANG

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