Japandi is the blend of the two styles “Japanese” and “Scandi”. The minimalist Scandinavian interior is clean, warm, natural, with muted color palettes while it meets the beauty of traditional Japanese decor. It gave them inspiration for modern home design and that's how the word “Japandi '' derived. The key to Japandi interior design is creating something that is subtly decorated without feeling bare — somewhere that is elegant but where you can "feel at home and at ease.” The key features of Japandi style interior design combine the elements of zen living to bring forth a harmonious blend of functional yet minimal design, with loads of natural light and plants.

Ideas To Integrate Japandi Interior Design Style Into Your Home

The Japanese and Scandinavian interior styles actually complement each other very well. Where Japanese interiors are sleek, Nordic ones are rustic. The richer (but still neutral) colors of Japanese design adds depth to the stark, monotone palettes of Scandinavian homes, which are sometimes thought to look rather clinical or cold.

If you like clean seek lines, eco friendly and zen interior design, Japandi interior design is a great theme to introduce into your house. Here are some Japandi interior design tips and wallpaper designs to recreate the Japandi interiors at your home.

1. Pick sustainable and natural materials

Using natural materials and recycling makes it a sustainable option. 

Because Japandi design is focused on craftsmanship, the pieces are not meant to be thrown away. Look for pieces and materials that are eco-friendly and will stand the test of time. Focus on pieces that are sustainable and safe for our planet.

2. Opt for neutral palettes

Japanese are sky and the earth tones while Scandi color palettes are mostly grey, white and monochrome. Mix both colorways. Think of colors such as beige, sand, cream, taupe and stone for Japandi style. Additionally, You can choose soft Scandinavian shades of grey-pink, grey-blue or grey to add contrast too.

3. Declutter and organize

Decluttering and organizing is key in achieving the Japandi look. This design style focuses on clean lines, open and bare spaces to make that zen and minimalist vibes. If you have a busy household and struggle to find that minimalist look, consider building storages and use small storage solutions such as rattan baskets and folding screens to hide excess stuff and keep your space.

4. Value craftsmanship

The Japanese have a strong culture of using timber and wood in their decor.  Wood is versatile and easily available in many regions. Wood is an easily accessible and economical material to make DIY décor and furniture. Since Scandi majors on comfort and simplicity, the combination pairs well made yet functional and comfortable statement furniture pieces and décor elements.

5. Go natural and minimal

Japandi interior design is a great way to embrace this conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Wood, bamboo and recycled materials are some of the keys of Japandi style. The Japandi style is organic (rattan, cane, wicker, wood and bamboo) with clean lines and solid shapes in all the spaces. Its materials are comfortable and durable (cotton, linen and muslin). The interiors favor functionality over frills. Some popular materials include timber stools, sisal rugs, terracotta pots, wool, raw wood, linen and hemp to integrate into your Japandi interior.

6. Add a wall texture

Traditional Japanese interiors feature walls made of bamboo or cedar panels and it has a big influence on Japandi decor. Japandi walls feature a similar texture. It is a great way to add some visual interest to a fairly minimal space. use thin, vertical wood strips to create architectural interest and depth. Vertical stripes give the illusion of a taller ceiling while horizontal stripes give the illusion of a wider room. Here are some examples of wallpaper designs to create that Japandi interior design.

Japanese Scandinavian wallpapers to achieve the Japandi interior style

Japandi Interior Design Wallpaper #1: Rustic White Panels, Wallpaper

Add a natural, wabi-sabi touch to your space with this panelling design that resembles recycled (or offcut) planks with white paint patina that shows age and imperfections.

Rustic Japandi Wall panels in living room

Pictured: Rustic White Panels, Wallpaper

Japandi Interior Design Wallpaper #2: Hardwood Panels, Wallpaper

Suitable for Japandi design, this wood panelling design features minimal woodgrain repetition and actual-size details for a realistic effect.

Hardwood Panels for Japadi interior design living room

Pictured: Hardwood Panels, Wallpaper

Japandi Interior Design Wallpaper #3: Breathe, Nature Wallpaper

Breath in and breath out. Let the wallpaper “Breathe” give you a reminder to lower your shoulders and take a few mindful deep breaths during the day.

scenic wallpaper for japandi interior design living room

Pictured: Breathe, Nature Wallpaper

Japandi Interior Design Wallpaper #4: Kasumisou Japanese, Wallpaper

Inspired by Kasumisou (which means gypsophila or commonly known as baby’s breath in japanese), we’ve designed a wallpaper which features a warm, organic arrangement of Gypsophila twigs and flower buds that instantly brings softness and serenity to a space.

Its flexible design that can be oriented in portrait or landscape orientations, making it suitable for wide or tall walls in your space.

 wallpaper for japandi interior design living room

Pictured: Kasumisou Japanese, Wallpaper

Japandi Interior Design Wallpaper #5: Shoji Japanese Wallpaper

A modern take on the traditional shoji screen, this borderless design sets bring calmness and quietude to a space.

Its flexible design that can be oriented in portrait or landscape orientations, making it suitable for wide or tall walls in your space.

shoji wallpaper for japandi interior design bedroom

Pictured: Shoji Japanese Wallpaper

Japandi Interior Design Wallpaper #6: Kintsuguroi Japanese, Wallpaper

Inspired by the Kintsugi philosophy, this design uses our metallic gold substrate, exposing joint lines that shimmers in the light.

These beautiful gold lines show itself differently according to the intensity and direction of light that changes naturally throughout the day.

Kintsuguroi wallpaper for japandi interior design living room

Pictured: Kintsuguroi Japanese, Wallpaper

Japandi Interior Design Wallpaper #7: Zen Japanese, Wallpaper

This Japanese-inspired wallpaper brings about a wondrously calm atmosphere and focal point in your home with its soft draping cherry branches. An oasis, a place of zen- it's not hard to achieve that right in your very own home.

zen wallpaper for Japandi interior design dining room

Pictured: Zen Japanese, Wallpaper

Japandi Interior Design Wallpaper #8: Bamboo Garden, Wallpaper

Inspired by the magnificent forest of bamboo. It provide a beautifully calm atmosphere and focal point in your home. Stunning natural wooden tones create a stillness that will not only help you feel more calm and relaxed but produce airy, lightweight feature wall in your own space.
bamboo garden for japandi interior design living room

Pictured: Bamboo Garden, Wallpaper

Japandi Interior Design Wallpaper #9: Sashi Geometric Japanese, Wallpaper

Geometric Wallpaper for Japandi interior design living room

Pictured: Sashi Geometric Japanese, Wallpaper

Japandi Interior Design Wallpaper #10: Jon Watercolor Bamboo Japanese Wallpaper

Bamboo watercolor for japandi interior design kitchen

Pictured: Jon Watercolor Bamboo Japanese Wallpaper

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