Whether you’re creating creating a shared space, or unsure of your next child's gender, a gender-neutral nursery is an excellent choice. Modern and versatile, neutral nurseries have never been more stylish and inclusive. Wondering how to get the right look? Here's some helpful tips to create a room that your child will love!

Play with Pattern

Patterns are unisex. Playing with a patterned accent, such as this feature wall can anchor an entire room, add colour and create visual weight in its place. This kids room uses a checker board pattern wallpaper with coloured scallop confetti. You can style it easily, without being overly kid-like and the best thing is, it grows with the kids.

Checkerboard, Wallpaper

Focus on Play theme

Pic from Pinterst

Focusing on the "Play" theme helps to create a gender-neutral nursery space. Simple walls put emphasis on decor and whimsical accessories, encouraging open end play. Practical details such as open shelving, easy-access toys, and reachable storage hooks allow kids to play independently, creating a functional, kid-friendly room that your child would love.

Opt for the right colours

Mini Timberland Wallpaper

If you thinking of anchoring your room around a colour, consider going with colours like green, grey, white, yellow, orange and brown. These are gender-neutral colours and goes with practically anything. 

We love green as neutral colour. Various shades of green works well together (psst.. just like our mini timberland wallpaper) and it’s the most comfortable colour on the eyes. According to Jessica Strand, author of “Baby’s Room: Ideas and Projects for Nurseries,” green calms the nervous system and conveys a sense of balance.

Use a Rainbow of Colours

Confetti Shower Wallpaper

Not sure of what colours to use? Introducing a rainbow of colour to an all-white space can really dress up a space without compromising a gender-neutral approach. Playful and eclectic, this confetti wallpaper features a burst of vibrant colours. We have curated a list of furniture from Crate and Barrel for a joyful confetti theme room.


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April 30, 2021 — SINGHUI NG

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