Where to find us?

We stock thousands of wallpaper designs in our e-commerce site at www.hellocircus.com. Have you visited it? Some of our designs are original designs carefully curated for Singapore consumers and homes!

I am new to wallpapers for home. How should I go about it?

Browse through our many designs and select one that you like! That's the hardest part ;) In all seriousness, consider the kind of space you would like to create for your home or room. Do you want a calm, soothing space for the whole family to relax in? Is it an energetic, uplifting vibe that you are going for? We have different quality wallpaper to cater to everyone. After all, create a home that you are happy to come home to, or have friends and family come over to.

Who can help with wallpaper installation? Is there warranty for wallpaper?

Here at Hello Circus, we work with trusted partner installers to install your wallpaper at home or the office. We offer a one-year workmanship guarantee too. If you would like to know more about the quality and material of our wallpaper, please read more here: https://www.hellocircus.com/blogs/blog-and-inspirations

I need some inspirations for wallpaper ideas. Where can I go to?

Look for us at Instagram (www.instagram.com/hello.circus)- we have many design inspirations for Wallpaper for the bedroom or living room, even the bathroom! 

October 20, 2020 — Hello Circus

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