Reliable Wallpaper Suppliers in SG?

There are many wallpaper suppliers out there. So why choose us?

Why Choose Hello Circus Wallpapers?

We have our own in-house designs! Designed in collaboration with very talented partners, these designs are bound to leave you in awe. Look through our in-house wallpaper designs here.

We are particular about our quality. We partner with a factory in Europe that does not use PVC in the manufacture of our wallpapers. Having seen and installed many wallpapers from our incorporation to now, including in our founder's home, we can safely vouch for the wallpapers' durability and quality. No flimsy wallpapers that will damage your walls.

We want the best for our customers. We know that when our customers order our wallpapers, they want the best for themselves, their kids or family. We make sure we are there to answer any doubts and questions. Drop us an email to enquire anytime!

October 23, 2020 — Hello Circus

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