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Custom mural wallpapers in Singapore are currently experiencing a renaissance. What once was considered as a sign of dated décor, but now, many of the homeowners are skipping a standard coat of paint for cheeky patterns and vibrant colours to lift the room’s energy. Nevertheless, wallpapering is not something new anymore as it has to become popular choices for every Singaporean household in enhancing the outlook of their house. But if you’re still new to the world of wallpaper, you might be wondering: Where to buy wallpaper in Singapore? What’s the ideal way to manoeuvre through the endless selection that best to express your eccentricity?

Special Tips for You – Choose the Right Wallpaper for Your Home

Let’s imagine that your wall as a blank canvas. It’s a starting point for you to create a striking design statement. Undisputable, grand or cheap wallpaper in Singapore that you choose, it still becomes the focal point for the room. Still, there are several things to consider before you commit.

Choose Your Style

While a mural wallpaper could make appealing features, it is something you’ve got to live with for a long-term basis. So, it is essential for you to be comfortable and fond of it. As a suggestion for you, botanical designs are particularly perennially desirable in Singapore. From the elegant posies to the dramatic dark florals that paired with the shape of animal or insects, natured-focused imagery still becomes a hot pick for every household. Well, for whatever style or themed that you preferred, you need to use the mural as a guide for accent colours of the room to bring out a whole scheme together. Remember, it should be the focal point, so do avoid picking hues or patterns that hardly blend well along with it.

Size is Everything

Besides, the trend towards oversized florals, still life composition and the greenery design work wonderfully as the mural wall. Regardless of how many times you look at it, you will always come across the new intricate details in the design. If you are intending to enlarge a smaller picture to fit the space of your room, then zoom into a section of the selected image to obtain an idea of how it will look when it is enlarged. On the other hand, if you don’t wish to cover an entire wall or you have a compact space, splitting the mural into a panel to make a statement or put the image on a smaller canvas would be brilliant.

Preparation is the Key

Nonetheless, the ideal surface for the mural is flat, plastered and painted wall. Many interior design experts in Singapore even recommend using the traditional fabric-backed non-woven wallpapers for wet pasting into position. If you are not fancy of paste, you could use a mural that has a straightforward adhesive backing instead.

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