If your home is on the small side, it doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped. With a few strategic styling tips, you can make even the tiniest of spaces feel more open and bigger! Read on to find out more.

Tip #1: Use light and neutral colours

Light colours will make a space brighter, as well as feel more open and airy. Paint or choose a wallpaper in light neutral colours, such as those with lots of whites and pastel hues.

Do check out our neutral wallpaper designs and pastel wallpaper designs for more inspiration!

Small home design tips - use light and neutral colours

Featured wallpaper: Dome Ombre Gradient Wallpaper

Tip #2: Use mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can open up a whole new dimension of space as it can multiply an area of interest or bring light into an otherwise dull corner.

Small home design tips - Use mirrors

Featured wallpaper: Geometric Panorama Wallpaper

Tip #3: Let natural light in

Natural light will help even the smallest of spaces feel bright and airy. If your small space doesn’t have much natural light, try using mirror or light-coloured curtains or blinds to enhance its effect.

Small home design tips - Let natural light in

Featured wallpaper: Kasumisou Japanese Wallpaper

Tip #4: Invest in versatile, multifunctional furniture

This can include things like ottomans that can double up as an occasional table or even as storage to help save space, yet portable enough to be hidden away.

Small home design tips - Invest in versatile, multifunctional furniture

Featured wallpaper: Shiplap Striped Wallpaper

Tip #5: Use vertical striped wallpapers

Vertical strips can accentuate height by leading the eye upwards instead of sideways, giving an illusion of a taller, more spacious room. It's one of our favourite small home design tips because it can have such a big impact with minimal effort.

Small home design tips - Use vertical striped wallpaper

Featured wallpaper: Delicate Stripes Wallpaper

Here are some of our top picks for vertical striped wallpapers:

Vertical striped wallpaper #1: Shiplap

This wallpaper is one of our bestsellers due to its timeless and versatile design! It creates a gorgeous paneling-like effect and can be applied to top, bottom, or the entire wall. To make a space feel brighter and more open, you can choose either white or light grey colour for this design!

Shiplap Striped Wallpaper in white in rustic bedroom

Pictured: Shiplap Striped Wallpaper in White

Vertical striped wallpaper #2: Swiss Cottage Stripes

The Swiss Cottage wallpaper is designed to give stripes that pop of dimension. Consider opting for the light grey colourway to make your small space feel more open and inviting!

Swiss Cottage Stripes Wallpaper in Light Grey in Living Room

Pictured: Swiss Cottage Stripes Wallpaper in Light Grey

Vertical striped wallpaper #3: Teira Stripes

Teira Stripes features classic block stripes which is such a simple yet versatile design. It comes in 5 pastel colourways - Sand, Nude, Blush Pink, Dusty Blue and Light Grey - and each colour works well in all spaces such as living room, dining room, bedroom or office. 

Pictured: Teira Stripes Wallpaper in Dusky Blue

Vertical striped wallpaper #4: Delicate Stripes

If you're going for a more subdued look, choose thinner stripes in neutral tones. Delicate Stripes wallpaper is the perfect choice which comes in 10 colourways!

Pictured: Delicate Stripes Wallpaper in Light Blue

Vertical striped wallpaper #5: Laura Stripes

Laura Stripes Wallpaper is a classic, timeless design which showcases soft stripes that is suitable for any room. Thin stripes add a touch of sophistication and can really make a space feel more pulled together.

Pictured: Laura Stripes Wallpaper in Sage

Vertical striped wallpaper #6: Ocean Rope

Looking for a twist on the classic stripe design? This Ocean Rope wallpaper can be just that design for you. Its neutral tone fits easily to any space in your home.

Pictured: Ocean Rope Wallpaper

Vertical striped wallpaper #7: Striped Linen

This striped linen is a perennial favourite: classic, modern and never goes out of style. It is a universal backdrop which fits any type of interior space and comes with a visual linen texture.

Pictured: Stripes Linen Wallpaper

Vertical striped wallpaper #8: Fernvale

Our Fernvale Wallpaper Mural features a lush foliage in earthy tones which creates a calm effect around the room. Feel the presence of nature in your home with this misty wood wallpaper. Its design also includes vertical stripes that will also make small spaces appear larger and taller.

Pictured: Fernvale Wallpaper

So, whether you’re looking to make a few small tweaks or a total overhaul of your home design, we hope these tips have given you some ideas on how to get started! Keep in mind that no matter what changes you make, the most important thing is to keep your space functional and comfortable for you and your family. To get more inspiration, do check out our bestseller wallpaper designs

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