Decorating Children's Nursery with Wallpaper

Decorating your kids nursery or bedroom is the most exciting task. You can go bold bright and fun with colours. You can create a room filled with plenty of practical solutions, fun touches, cute colour schemes and children's bedroom wallpaper mural ideas.

Tips for using Wallpaper in Children's Room

A tip we work usually work with is to avoid anything too current, such as cartoon characters they might grow out of. There are many wallpaper for walls designs to choose from that can open up a whole new world of possibilities and provide your child with a stimulating environment to grow up in.

Another tip we advice first time parent is to design with a gender neutral palette. Create a flexible scheme for both gender for your nursery wallpaper. For example, you can consider a mural wallpaper with a grown-up botanical theme. Accessorise with cute furnishing such as cushions, curtains and bed linen. The playful aesthetic makes for a great unisex scheme and is so simple to update as your children grow,

Play with patterns. Forget stereotypes of cheap fabric and tacky design. Used in the right way, patterns can add a real sense of sophistication to a scheme. A children’s room is an ideal setting for a strong print. You can opt for a bold pattern in the room or simple patterns for parents who often love to switch things up and style the room.

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