Installing your wallpaper can actually be a fun-filled family activity for a Sunday morning.

Start by dividing the wallpaper panels as indicated by the cutting prints. The cutting prints will be in the white sections above and below the wallpaper panel. Lay the panels in numerical order starting with panel number 1 up to the total number of panels . Make sure you have all the panels and that none of them are defective or damaged.

Our wall murals are always hung from the left to the right, start with the left corner of your wall. The panels are numbered in hanging order from left to right. The panels should be hung edge to edge without any overlapping. It is essential that the first panel is vertically straight. (Tip: Make a pencil mark one wallpaper width from the left near the ceiling.  Hold a plumb line on the mark and draw a vertical line down the wall. Use a leveler to determine if the first panel is straight. Then line up your first panel of wallpaper with the pencil line.)

Roll the paste straight onto the wall. Be sure to evenly cover the entire surface. If you miss a spot, this will cause the wall mural to bubble. Paste an area the width of one and a half lengths at a time. Gently and evenly press the panels together to ensure there are no visible seams. Make sure the wall has been pasted where the panels meet so that the edges are not visible.
Try not to get paste on the front of the wall mural. Any excess paste should be removed immediately using a wet wallpaper sponge. Smooth each panel with a clean wallpapering tool or wallpaper brush. Work from the ceiling to the floor and from the middle out to the edges.
Once all the wallpaper has been hung, cut off any excess along the ceiling and floor. Always use a sharp blade to avoid tearing the paper. Keep the room ventilated and at normal room temperature for 24 hours to allow the paste to dry.