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Whether it be one of our concrete, brick wall or stone wallpaper, the Classic Collection strikes a fine yet perfect balance between timelessness and trendy

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We believe there’s no age limit on imagination – this wallpaper collection is here to help you weave a bit of fairytale magic into your room, whatever your age.

Our Wallpaper’s Inspirations

From delicate florals and damasks to bold geometrics and stripes, we are inspired by archives of timeless wallpapers, fabrics, and patterns from around the world and bring it home to you.

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HelloCircus is the leading name in wallpaper and wall decor, carrying an ever-expanding line-up of local and international designs tailored for consumers in Singapore and in the region. Our selection of wallpaper products covers different shades, colors, design of every aspect such as botanical, children, patterns, travel, vintage, surface, minimalist and much more.

Start your journey by owning well-rounded basics and feature walls. As the wallpaper specialist in Singapore, we exclusively stock durable, fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper. Find new inspiration through all our designer-focused wallpapers, ranging from spotlight-city landscape to botanical-ready themes. When you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add value, life and vibrancy to your space, consider our range of wallpapers for home and offices. Our wallpaper collections are complemented by all kinds of accessories; wall stickers, wall murals and prints. HelloCircus shoppers can also shop by the latest trends that are dominating the Pinterest trend boards, whether it’s a minimalistic, botanical theme styling or this season’s highlights wallpapers. Their longevity as an asset means that they can be an affordable option for those looking to add value to a property before they sell their home, or they can simply refresh a tired space.


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