Tips for Creating Gender-Neutral Nurseries

Whether you’re creating creating a shared space, or unsure of your next child's gender, a gender-neutral nursery is an excellent choice. Modern and versatile, neutral nurseries have never been more stylish and inclusive. Wondering how to get the right look? Here's some helpful tips to create a room that your child will love!

Play with Pattern

Patterns are unisex. Playing with a patterned accent, such as this feature wall can anchor an entire room, add colour and create visual weight in its place. This kids room uses a checker board pattern wallpaper with coloured scallop confetti. You can style it easily, without being overly kid-like and the best thing is, it grows with the kids.

Checkerboard, Wallpaper

Focus on Play theme

Pic from Pinterst

Focusing on the "Play" theme helps to create a gender-neutral nursery space. Simple walls put emphasis on decor and whimsical accessories, encouraging open end play. Practical details such as open shelving, easy-access toys, and reachable storage hooks allow kids to play independently, creating a functional, kid-friendly room that your child would love.

Opt for the right colours

Mini Timberland Wallpaper

If you thinking of anchoring your room around a colour, consider going with colours like green, grey, white, yellow, orange and brown. These are gender-neutral colours and goes with practically anything. 

We love green as neutral colour. Various shades of green works well together (psst.. just like our mini timberland wallpaper) and it’s the most comfortable colour on the eyes. According to Jessica Strand, author of “Baby’s Room: Ideas and Projects for Nurseries,” green calms the nervous system and conveys a sense of balance.

Use a Rainbow of Colours

Confetti Shower Wallpaper

Not sure of what colours to use? Introducing a rainbow of colour to an all-white space can really dress up a space without compromising a gender-neutral approach. Playful and eclectic, this confetti wallpaper features a burst of vibrant colours. We have curated a list of furniture from Crate and Barrel for a joyful confetti theme room.


Check out our other kids wallpaper here:

April 30, 2021 — SINGHUI NG

RHYTHM ~ In house collection: Drop 1

Rhythm, is our first in-house range of abstract wallpapers inspired by natural scenes and materials. Featuring mineral textures, horizons and landscapes to reflect its natural forms. Rhythmic movements and colours with an emphasis on moody neutrals to create a sense of composure, peace, and serenity.

With this in mind, we have designed 5 wallpapers for walls, in a total of 19 calming shades. These custom wallpaper design adds much-needed depth and definition for living room, bedroom dining room and even hallway. We hope you enjoy it! Check out our in house collection wallpapers:

Blake Horizon, Wallpaper Mural

This wallpaper flaunts subtle colour blends, which remind us of the horizon's peaceful temperament. The fade effect transitions from deep blue grey to shades of blue. creating a strong and sleek statement in your home. This wallpaper mural adds much-needed depth and definition to any room. An effortless way to pull off a dark wall look. Available in 5 colour ways.

Addison Chalk, Wallpaper Mural

Create a visual textured look for your interiors with our chalky wallpaper. The rustic nature of this wallpaper will surely make any room feel elegant and put-together without being overly-dramatic Featuring 4 colour ways, you can create a contemporary interior look that will add heaps of character to your room.

Stella Skies, Wallpaper Mural

Flaunting subtle colours, shadows and outlines, this wallpaper adds depth to any space. With its rich and expressive tones, our Stella Skies Wallpaper blends well with contemporary home design and modern furnishings, acting as a luxurious background that livens up the whole room. Available in 5 colour ways.

Blake Horizon, Wallpaper Mural

This wallpaper flaunts subtle color blends, which remind us of the horizon's peaceful temperament. The fade effect transitions from deep blue grey to shades of blue. creating a strong and sleek statement in your home. This wallpaper mural adds much-needed depth and definition to any room. An effortless way to pull off a dark wall look. Available in 3 colours.

Delilah Waves, Wallpaper Mural

Our Delilah Waves Wallpaper features sand tones against a clean background. This wallpaper is inspired by the waves cascading into the shore to creating a serene mood. Available in 2 colour ways.


March 17, 2021 — SINGHUI NG

Inspiration behind our latest Kids Collection

New Wallpaper for Kids Room

It's a small world- a new collection for kids- launches this Thursday! We were inspired by every child's wondrous curiosity, innate bravery, and their pure unbridled joy when it's time for play. One of the most delightful things about children is their sense of innocence and wonder, but maintaining that in today's hurried world can be a challenge. To continously foster moments of joy and childlike wonder, we thought we should take a playful approach and embrace nature. Afterall, play encourages creativity and nature fosters emotional development in children.

4 New Wallpaper Designs for the Little Ones

With that in mind, and drawing inspiration from people around us, 4 designs made the cut. We have a playground, a barnyard, a nautical and a woods design.

Have you seen our playground design up close? It has fruits masquerading as playthings! Inspired by our niece who loves eating fruit and of course to play. Which kid doesn't?

Our barnyard design is a nod to rustic farm life and its creatures. Animals are always a favourite amongst kids.

The nautical design can be used in a nursery or child's bedroom which can be styled in a multitude of styles. See our moodboard on our instagram for inspiration!

And as always, we have to have a nature themed design in the form of a woodlands. It just sets the tone for a calm inviting space, just what new parents need sometimes. Autumnal, soft colours were chosen for its longevity and not to overwhelm. Besides, our colour palette is suitable for creating gender neutral rooms.

Live Now on our Site

Our team continuously went back to the drawing board with our various design and colour iterations before settling on the final product. We hope children, young and the not so young, love the designs! Head on down to 'New In' on to discover more.

November 26, 2020 — Hello Circus

Wainscotting - Tips about this trend and how to use it

Wainscotting is in trend these days and we will share with you some tips show you how to make the space stand out more? 

What is wainscoting?

Wainscoting started out in the 18th century as a wall covering used to help insulate a room and provides a more durable surface than a painted wall.

Now, it's mainly used as a decorative accent panelling that usually covers half of your interior walls. It is usually installed only on the lower portion of the wall.

Why should I do wainscoting?

It helps make a room more visually appealing. While historically wainscoting was made from wood, this type of panel now includes a variety of materials  being that it is installed only on the lower portion of the wall. The height of this detail can vary depending on your rooms' designs and the look you are trying to achieve.

Some favourite spots for this panel treatment are in an entryways, as these spaces typically lack texture and architectural interest. Now, parents use it for kids room so that it protects the wallpaper from get drawn on and it is easy to swap out the wallpaper.

In addition, these wall panelling can be extended to create the illusion of a generous ceiling height.

Here’s some ideas how you can decorate your panels:

  1. Make your walls pop by painting your panels in a different shade to your paint
  2. Add an high impact wallpaper on the top half of wall to create for some texture and pattern
  3. Hang decorative onto your walls 

Check out customised wallpapers for walls here

Visit us at  Singapore and South East Asia favourite home decor and wallpaper mural shop. We design and custom our wallpapers. If you would like to custom your wallpaper, feel free to drop us an email. Check our our IG for inspirations.

November 17, 2020 — Hello Circus

Wallpaper for Kitchen or Bathroom

Can Wallpaper be used in Bathroom or Kitchen?

While we will not recommend applying wallpaper at an area exposed to directly moisture or water, wallpaper can technically be used in these 2 spaces!

Wallpaper Tips for Bathroom and Kitchen

In the kitchen, a vintage tile patterned design can be used on the top half of the wall behind an induction top or even the sink where there isn't direct exposure to heat or water. It is the same concept for the bathroom.

In fact, check out this following image for bathroom wallpaper inspiration! We totally see why this picture has been so well received.

Bathroom Wallpaper using Hello Circus' Adora Vintage Wallpaper

For these areas, we recommend using vinyl coated or solid vinyl wallpapers since they are much more durable.

Check out more designs on our website!

November 11, 2020 — Hello Circus

New Wallpaper for Kids

New In Wallpaper Designs

Have you seen our new wallpapers that were launched over the weekend?

In Collaboration with Papercranes Design

Not one, but two, new designs for kids were launched over the weekend!

The designs were a collaboration with Aeri, girlboss behind Papercranes Design. We set out to design wallpaper designs for the children's nursery or bedroom. A woodlands theme with cute creatures and autumnal colours was our brief. After many reiterations, the final designs were decided upon :)

New Wallpaper for Children's Nursery

Presenting, Walk in the Wild Woods and Wild Woods wallpapers. Don't you love them? Hop on to our wallpaper e-shop to browse through more designs!

Wallpaper for kids room: Walk in the Wild Woods


Wallpaper for kids room: Wild Woods


November 09, 2020 — Hello Circus

Wallpaper mural vs paint: Which is better?

Both wallpaper and paint can add vibrancy and style to any room and home decor.  They are both great choices, so it all depends on your personal preferences and style. Which is the better option? Here are some differences between wallpaper mural and paint that can help you make an informed decision:


Paint options are vast. You can choose a paint of nearly any shade. It is a great option if you want flat, glossy, or matte solid walls. However, it is extremely difficult to create designs and patterns using paint, and expensive if you want to hire a professional to do that.

Wallpaper has options in both solid colours and patterns. Very often, wallpaper designs can also mimic certain textures, for example that of linen. You may also choose a wallpaper that has designs and effects, such as foil and shimmer.


Professionally painting usually last for about 10 years, depending on the traffic in the room. For example, child’s room and the kitchen are high traffic rooms, where dirt, grease, and messy hands frequently touch the walls. It will require touchups over time to ensure that the paint is properly maintained. 

Wallpaper usually lasts up to 15 years, even in high footfall areas of the home. It is easily washable, so it is great to use even in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Although it is possible for wallpaper to peel or crack over time, touchups can be easily done by using a small amount of wallpaper glue.


Paint usually costs less upfront itself depending on the type, finish, and brand. Higher quality paints that last longer typically cost more while their lower cost counterparts typically need more touchups over time.

On the other hand, Wallpaper has greater upfront costs for the paper and installation materials. However, wallpaper lasts longer than paint, which reduces the costs of future investment. If you are looking to get the most out of your investment, removable wallpaper is an obvious choice. You can take it down easily, and even save it to be used again in the future or on a different wall completely.

Check out customised wallpapers for walls here

Visit us at  Singapore and South East Asia favourite home decor and wallpaper mural shop. We design and custom our wallpapers. If you would like to custom your wallpaper, feel free to drop us an email. Check our our IG for inspirations.

November 08, 2020 — Hello Circus

Top 3 calming bedroom and living room colours

Buy calming coloured wallpapers here

Most cited calming, cosy and relaxing as their top three picks when asked to describe the ideal ambience of their master bedroom. One of the easiest ways to achieve these desired qualities is through the use of colour.

Here are wallpaper colours that can bring a calming vibe to your retreat.For a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, look to cooler hues –shades of grey, blue and green. These colours have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. They can also make a space seem bigger so they’re a great choice if your space is small you are looking for green, neutral and blue colours wallpapers, look no further. Click here to buy our wallpapers.

Visit us at  Singapore and South East Asia favourite home decor and wallpaper mural shop. We design and custom our wallpapers. If you would like to custom your wallpaper, feel free to drop us an email. Check our our IG for inspirations.

November 07, 2020 — Hello Circus

Upcoming Wallpapers for Kids

Upcoming Wallpapers this Week

In the past few months, we have collaborated with new independent illustrators on new wallpapers for the children's room or nursery. We cannot wait to show you what's new in store this week.

Nature themed Wallpapers for the Kid's Nursery

Here at Hello Circus, we and the illustrators have been going back to the drawing board repeatedly to refine and improve on our shared vision, design and inspiration.

Parents tend to look toward nature and animal themed designs, so that's where we chose to start. You can expect colours that remind you of autumn, cute woodland animals and foliage elements.

Stay tuned for the new wallpapers for the children's nursery or bedroom! We hope you are as excited as we are.

November 06, 2020 — Hello Circus

Art Deco Wallpaper for Home

Art Deco Trend in Wallpaper

Worldwide, popularity of the art deco trend has been rising. Let's take a look at how these designs as wallpaper can be used.

Evoke Glam and Opulence

We read that the Art Deco trend was born in the height of the machine age, which is why metallic touches and colours are evident in such designs.

We also find many curved, dome shapes in art deco designs. Like the Arch Decor wallpaper below, it gives rooms an instant refresh and that touch of glam without being too overpowering.

Hello Circus Wallpaper: Arch Decor

Bold Patterns that stand the Test of Time

Art deco was after all popularised in the 1920s and has stood the test of time. It carries a distinctive style that is recognisable from the get go. Look at some of the art deco designs we carry below; they will be perfect as wallpaper for the living room or even for commercial projects.

Hello Circus Wallpaper: 1920s Fan- used in a commercial project

The same wallpaper in White mocked up for a dining area.


Browse through our collection for other Art-Deco pieces by searching "art deco" in the Search bar.

November 05, 2020 — Hello Circus