Tips for Creating a Cosy Home with Wallpaper

There is nothing quite like going back to a home which is comforting and cosy.

More than ever before, in present times, we are all spending a lot more time at home. It is all the more worthwhile to invest time and effort to make the home one which you would want to spend your time in.

1. Play with Textures

When we think of adding texture to our homes we instantly think of a fluffy throw or a chunky rug, but that isn’t the only way.

Enter textured wallpapers- they are understated yet instantly add texture, depth and definition to your walls. Subtle patterns in these wallpapers add colour, detail and warmth.

Hello Circus Wallpaper: Industrial Ivory

Hello Circus Wallpaper: Top Wall


Hello Circus Wallpaper: Industrial Concrete


2. Use Deeper Tones


A common misconception of cosy homes is that one must style with neutrals. Wallpapers with dark backgrounds however, instantly conveys a different feel, enveloping a room's occupants in a seemingly warm embrace.

Hello Circus Wallpaper: Peacock Plumage

Hello Circus Wallpaper: Amazon

Hello Circus Wallpaper: Emerald Tiles


3. Layer Home Accessories in Odd Numbers


A key styling tip- layer home accessories in groups at varying sizes, preferably in odd numbers. it is thought that when we style groupings in odd numbers, they naturally capture your attention and gaze.

Image credit: @nudeandthenovice

Hello Circus Wallpaper: Johanna

Image credit: styledbypt


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November 04, 2020 — Hello Circus

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