With Christmas right around the corner, we hope that your Christmas preparation has been going tree-mendously! If you have not been able to do much in the past few weeks, and need help with last minute postcards and gift tags, then we have something in store for you!

Send your loved ones something special!

Busy being Santa's elves and doing your last bout of shopping in the next few days but haven't had time to pick up a postcard or Christmas tag to attach to your gifts? Don't fret because we have got you covered! We have created some Christmas postcards and tags for you!

Let's take some time to write your loved ones a special message this Christmas cause we all need some love this Christmas as we celebrate getting through 2021! Phew!

Christmas Cards and Tags

Head down here to download both the Christmas cards and tags!

Spruce up your Christmas decorations!

Christmas home decorations are indispensable in creating your own Christmas Wonderland without having to deal with the hustle and bustle when trying to enjoy the Christmas revelry with your loved ones!

DIY Christmas Tree Decoration

Add a touch of personality to your home with our free DIY Christmas tree decorations! These miniature Christmas trees come in 3 different colours, and are simple activities for kids to create their own decorations too!

4 steps for creating the Christmas Tree

  1. Print out our fir-tastic Christmas Tree decorations here
    • Remember to print out a double-sided copy
    • If you want your decorations to be more sturdy, do print on matte art papers that are above 200gsm! 

    DIY Christmas Tree Decoration-1

  2. Cut out the tree along the lines

    DIY Christmas Tree Decoration-2  DIY Christmas Tree Decoration-3

  3. Cut a slit along the dotted lines. Ensure that one piece has a slit at the top and the other piece has a slit at the bottom.

    DIY Christmas Tree Decoration-4  DIY Christmas Tree Decoration-5

  4. Place your very own miniature Christmas trees anywhere you like!

    DIY Christmas Tree Decoration-6  DIY Christmas Tree Decoration-6

If you would like to hang these trees on your Christmas trees, do poke a hole through the top of the design so that you could use a string to hang your decorations!

Adorable Festive Decals

One way you could deck the halls with festive cheer would be with these cute little penguin wall decals!

Oh! And remember to give them their little hats and scarves as well!

Our little antarctic companions will surely be a welcome addition to your little one's room even after Christmas ends!


If penguins aren't your thing and would like something more timeless, why not check out these mistletoe wall decals too? Use them as accents for your wall mirror or perhaps use them to add some colour to the corners of your room!

Mistletoe Wall Decal-1

Pictured: Watercolour Oranges Wall Decal

Designed in-house, we hope these minimal and aesthetic decals can add a sophisticated and cosy touch to your Christmas decorations! 

To check out our other wall decals, click here!

Add some dazzle to your Kid’s rooms with our
wallpapers for kids!

 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Wallpaper

Pictured: Twinkle Twinkle Litte Stars Wallpaper, in Blue 

Just like how your children's eyes light up at the thought of receiving presents, let their eyes light up at the sight of this colourful and elegant Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars wallpaper! If you're thinking of revamping your little one's room with an accent wall, do consider this wallpaper option to add an intricate yet understated look.

Check out the rest of our kids’ wallpaper collections here

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