With a decade of experience in the world of interior design, Berinda from Glorious State holds a heartfelt belief that spaces should be thoughtfully crafted to adapt and grow alongside the people who inhabit them - embracing the opportunities presented by changing seasons of life. Read on as she shares with us design tips on creating a cosy dining room, festive styling tips and more!

Q: Give us a quick introduction of yourself!

I'm Berinda, Founder and Principal designer of Glorious State. In Nov, it will be my 10th year in this industry. Im a mother of 3 young girls below the age 8. In my life stage I know what it is like to be in a home with changing needs of young children, hence it is my passion to make homes a practical living yet BEAUTIFUL for people, especially families, I have a soft spot for families.

What recharges me is taking walks in nature! It helps me to calm down and recalibrate my mind. Also I enjoy reading, I like books written by entrepreneurs to learn from their journey, leadership or management books to learn some skills and designer coffee books to inspire the creative side of my brain! (apart from spending time with my family of course!)

Q: What are your top 3 tips for creating a cosy and inviting dining room?

1. Choose warm dimmable lighting to set the mood

Consider a mix of accent and ambient types so you could emphasise certain areas amidst the larger ares. Dimmers are particularly useful to throttle that effect.

Glorious State Interior Design Dining Room 

2. Use centrepieces to serve as a focal point for the dining table

Centrepieces serve as a focal point for the dining table, setting the mood and theme of the room. Some of my favourite ideas include fresh flowers to bring a touch of nature indoors or gather a selection of your favourite candles to create a warm and romantic ambience. You could even use seasonal fruits, wine bottles, or a collection of sentimental items to serve as rotating sets of centrepieces. 

Glorious State dining room styling with centrepiece

3. Add charm on your wall with art

Putting up some art on the wall can immediately bring much charm and character into the dining space but you shouldn't limit yourself to just paintings. Photography, wall sculptures, and mixed-media pieces can also add visual interest. Ultimately, what you put up should reflect your personal taste and evoke positive emotions. 

Q: As the festive season approaches, what are some festive styling tips to bring in some of that holiday cheer?

1. Play with the colours of the season

Whether it's traditional holidays like red, green, and gold or a contemporary twist with silver, blue, and white, apply these holiday colours to your decor to create a cohesive and festive ambiance!

You can apply these holiday colours for your table linens, dinnerware, soft furnishing and even your table centrepiece!

Glorious State Christmas Dining Table Styling

2. Layer on that personal touch

To make your space feel more inviting and festive, layer your centrepiece:

  • Start with a base of greenery like garlands and wreaths
  • Add in festive ornaments, candles, and string lights such as pine cones, holly, or red and white flowers for a warm and cosy ambience
  • Don't forget to personalise with family ornaments or sentimental decor items such as photo cards or even family heirloom pieces

3. Make it extra cosy

Adding cosy textures to your dining room during the festive season can make the space feel extra warm and inviting. Consider using plush seat covers on your dining chairs, or adding a soft, luxurious throw over the back of each chair.

Q. What are your go-to brands for home decor items?

Island Living - I like their vases! Most of it has textured surfaces that evoke the feel of organic natural elements in homes.
Nest.co.uk – They curated a selection of contemporary and modern furniture and decor items from designers all over the world. Their collections are high quality and stylish. I like to pick a couple of stand out pieces for homes from them.

We hope you've enjoyed this month's designer spotlight with Berinda and do reach out to Glorious State if you are keen to work with her for your next home makeover!

November 23, 2023 — Daphnie Teo

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