Wallpaper designs for teenage girls

Welcome to our guide to wallpaper designs for teenage girls! Decorating a teenage girl's room can be an exciting endeavour, full of opportunities to express personality, style, and creativity. Whether she's into vibrant patterns or elegant designs, there's a wallpaper design out there to suit her unique tastes and preferences. In this guide, we'll explore a range of wallpaper options perfect for creating a space that reflects her individuality and provides a cosy retreat where she can relax, study, and unwind. Let's dive into the world of wallpaper and discover how it can transform her room into a personalised sanctuary she'll love to call her own.

Tropical wallpapers for teenage girls

Transform your teenage girl's space into a lush oasis with our tropical-themed wallpaper collection. Dive into a world of vibrant greenery and exotic vibes that will bring a touch of paradise to her room.

Teenage girl wallpaper #1: Botanical Foliage, Pattern Wallpaper

Transform your teenage girl's room into a serene sanctuary with our Botanical Foliage pattern wallpaper. Delicately adorned with wispy leaves, this wallpaper infuses tranquillity and natural beauty into her room. Versatile enough for any room, it cultivates a fresh, tropical atmosphere she'll love spending time in for years to come.

A cozy, well-lit bedroom corner adorned with a Botanical Foliage, Pattern Wallpaper. An rattan oval mirror and two framed artworks hang on the wall. A white bed with various pillows and a round pink cushion is positioned against the wall.

Featured: Botanical Foliage, Pattern Wallpaper

Teenage girl wallpaper #2: Heather Fern, Pattern Wallpaper

Introducing our Heather Fern Pattern Wallpaper, the perfect choice for a teenage girl's wallpaper design. The delicate fern pattern creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for fostering relaxation and tranquility amidst busy teenage schedules. Pair this neutral wallpaper with warm, earthy tones and light-coloured wood accents to create a space that feels both cosy and chic, providing a soothing retreat for your teenager to unwind and recharge.

Heather Fern, Pattern Wallpaper in a neutral master bedroom

Featured: Heather Fern, Pattern Wallpaper

Teenage girl wallpaper #3: Botanist, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper

Immerse your daughter's room in the sophisticated allure of Botanist Tropical pattern wallpaper. Delicately patterned tropical leaves in soft, muted nude or grey tones create a refined and refreshing ambience. This teenage girl wallpaper design is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to her room.

Botanist, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper in Nude featured on wall of a cozy bedroom with a bed that has white bedsheet, and a variety of pillows. It has a wooden headboard and a rattan side table is also visible

Featured: Botanist, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper

Teenage girl wallpaper #4: Garden Bloom, Nature Wallpaper

Elevate the beauty of your girl's room with Garden Bloom mural wallpaper. Featuring hand-painted watercolour leaves by Pearlyn and Paper, this teenage girl wallpaper design envelops her space in soft green tones, infusing it with nature's calming presence. Whether she prefers a minimalist boho vibe, a cosy Scandinavian retreat, or a gender-neutral sanctuary, this wallpaper adds a captivating touch of the outdoors.

Garden Bloom, Nature Wallpaper in scandinavian theme room

Featured: Garden Bloom, Nature Wallpaper

Teenage girl wallpaper #5: Night-time Jungle, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

Let your teenage girl immerse herself in the enchanting allure of the jungle with our Night-time Jungle tropical mural wallpaper. Awash in lush green foliage and playful monkeys illuminated by moonlight, this wallpaper creates a captivating scene that brings nature's nocturnal beauty indoors, making it perfect for adding a touch of magic to her space.

Night-time Jungle, Tropical Mural Wallpaper in forest green featured on a wall of a bedroom with a bed with white and light brown sheets

Featured: Night-time Jungle, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

Teenage girl wallpaper #6: Belle Foliages, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper

Enhance the ambience of your daughter’s room with Belle Foliages Tropical pattern wallpaper. This hand-painted watercolour masterpiece effortlessly captures the essence of nature, infusing her space with a subtle and enchanting backdrop. Promoting tranquility with its soothing colours, this teenage girl wallpaper choice sets a carefree vibe that enhances the aesthetics of any room, making it the perfect addition to her sanctuary.

Belle Foliages, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper in Sand featured on a wall bedroom with multiple colored pillows and a patterned bedsheet

Featured: Belle Foliages, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper

Discover a wide range of tropical paradise wallpapers right for your teenage girl’s room by exploring our tropical wallpaper collection. Whether you're looking to create a serene oasis or a vibrant escape, these tropical wallpapers offer endless possibilities to transform her space.

Soft pink hues wallpapers for teenage girls

Elevate your teenage girl's room with our collection of pink soft hues wallpapers. These gentle and soothing designs add a touch of elegance and charm to her space, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere that she'll love to retreat to.

Teenage girl wallpaper #7: Under the Tuscan Sun, Mural Wallpaper

Create a cosy retreat in your teenage girl's bedroom with our Under the Tuscan Sun, Mural Wallpaper. Inspired by Three Bird Renovations, this wallpaper boasts a stunning headboard design in warm pink tones, inviting her to wake up to the gentle glow of the sun and feel transported to a romantic Tuscan villa.

Under the Tuscan Sun, Mural Wallpaper in boho theme bedroom

Featured: Under the Tuscan Sun, Mural Wallpaper

Teenage girl wallpaper #8: Le Montparnasse, Mural Wallpaper

Bring a sweet and glamorous touch to your girl's room with Le Montparnasse mural wallpaper, a wallpaper that effortlessly commands attention. This unique teenage girl wallpaper design showcases distinctive gold and white watercolour strokes against a metallic texture, infusing her room with an aura of luxury and sophistication. The seamless fusion of pink, white, and gold tones exudes elegance and charm.

Le Montparnasse, Mural Wallpaper in girl's bedroom

Featured: Le Montparnasse, Mural Wallpaper

Teenage girl wallpaper #9: Pink Florals, Watercolour Wallpaper

Delight in the enchanting beauty of Pink Florals Watercolour mural wallpaper, a timeless choice for your teenage girl. Adorn her room walls with a cascade of delicate pink flowers, gracefully captured in ethereal watercolour brush strokes. With its customisable design, she can choose to feature the floral magic at the top or bottom, creating a serene ambience resonating with the timeless allure of nature's beauty.

Pink Florals, Watercolour Mural Wallpaper, adorns a kids bedroom featuring a single bed with white sheets, complemented by a rattan round table and chair.

Featured: Pink Florals, Watercolour Wallpaper

Find out more about the most intriguing floral wallpapers. From delicate blossoms to lush botanicals, our floral wallpaper collections ensure you add elegance and charm to any room, including your daughter’s room. 

Teenage girl wallpaper #10: Watercolour Pastel Brush Wallpaper

Create a visually captivating backdrop for your daughter’s room with the artistic beauty of Watercolour Pastel Brushstrokes mural wallpaper. Blend it with light-coloured furniture that will harmoniously create a stunning and serene overall room palette. Let the curated pastel hues of this teenage girl wallpaper rejuvenate her everyday moments.

Elegant bedroom with Watercolour Pastel Brushstrokes Mural Wallpaper. Features a cozy bed with white linens, brown throw, modern side tables, and light wooden flooring.

Featured: Watercolour Pastel Brush Wallpaper

Teenage girl wallpaper #11: Igor Shells, Pattern Wallpaper

Add an elegant touch to your teenage girl’s room with the charm of Igor Shells pattern wallpaper. Delicately painted shell and dome shapes, rendered in a soothing watercolour wash, infuse her space with depth and nuance. Whether adorning her bedroom or any room, this versatile teenage girl wallpaper option enhances its ambience with subtle sophistication.

Igor Shells, Pattern Wallpaper in nude featured on a wall of a study room with a wooden stool and wooden flooring

Featured: Igor Shells, Pattern Wallpaper

Neutral wallpapers for teenage girls

Transform your teenage girl's room into a stylish haven with our collection of neutral wallpapers. These versatile designs offer a chic and sophisticated backdrop that complements any decor style, allowing her to express her unique personality while creating a cosy and inviting space to relax and unwind

Teenage girl wallpaper #12: Gold Metallic Confetti Speckles, Pattern Wallpaper

Transform your teenage girl's room with the playful charm of Gold Metallic Confetti Speckles Wallpaper. Infuse whimsy and magic into her space by adorning the entire room, creating a stunning accent wall, or refreshing a hallway with this versatile wallpaper. Its textured gold metallic linen finish adds a shimmering effect, bringing an enchanting touch to her sanctuary.

Gold Metallic Confetti Speckles, Pattern Wallpaper in bedroom

Featured: Gold Metallic Confetti Speckles, Pattern Wallpaper

Teenage girl wallpaper #13: Brush, Mural Wallpaper

Immerse her room in the artistry of brushstrokes with Brush mural wallpaper. This captivating teenage girl wallpaper transforms her space into an expressive canvas of modern design, capturing the tactile beauty of chalk paint on a sophisticated grey base. Let her make an elegant statement with this unique and soothing addition to her decor.

Brush Mural Wallpaper, featured on a wall of cozy bedroom with framed art and japandi pendant lights

Featured: Brush, Mural Wallpaper

Teenage girl wallpaper #14: Wildflower Vintage, Pattern Wallpaper 

Infuse every corner of your teenage girl's room with the timeless Wildflower Vintage pattern wallpaper. Delicate branches of white wildflowers dance gracefully against a serene sand-coloured backdrop, exuding vintage charm and transforming her space into a blooming haven. Embrace the allure of this vintage-inspired wallpaper, allowing her walls to narrate an atmosphere of tranquility and natural grace in her room.

A cozy corner in a room with Vintage Wildflower pattern wallpaper. Features include a decorative ladder, a golden eye-shaped mirror, a wooden triangle shelf, and a glimpse of a bed with white bedding.

Featured: Wildflower Vintage, Pattern Wallpaper 

Looking for other vintage wallpaper? Our vintage wallpaper collection is specially curated for vintage design enthusiasts. From rustic wood textures to charming floral patterns, our wallpapers add warmth, character, and charm to any cottage space. Explore the collection today and discover the perfect wallpaper to enhance the cosy atmosphere of a daughter room or any room.

Teenage girl wallpaper #15: Teira, Striped Wallpaper

Whether to decorate or revamp your teenage girl’s room, Teira Striped wallpaper is the perfect choice for her, who loves classic vintage design. Featuring classic block stripes approximately 6.4cm wide, this teenage girl wallpaper offers a versatile and enduring choice for interior decor. Whether as a standalone feature or complementing other patterns, its simple yet elegant style brings a touch of sophistication to her room that stands the test of time.

Teira Stripes, Wallpaper in Grey Featured on a wall of a bedroom with a bed with white sheets and pillows

Featured: Teira, Striped Wallpaper

Is your daughter in love with a preppy pattern wallpaper? Our striped wallpaper collection is sure to satisfy her. From thin to thick striped patterns, we have it all! Explore our collection today!

8 tips you should know to decorate a teenage girl’s dream room

Tip #1: Consider her personality

Take into account your teenage girl's interests, hobbies, and personality. Choose a wallpaper design that reflects her unique style and preferences, whether she's into bold patterns, soft florals, geometric shapes, or whimsical motifs. For example, if she loves the tropical vibe, consider a wallpaper featuring lush palm leaves or exotic flowers.

Tip #2: Involve her in the decision-making process

To ensure she loves the final look of her room, involve your teenage girl in the selection of wallpaper designs. Show her different options and ask for her input and feedback. If she's drawn to soft pink tones like blush pink or mauve, explore wallpaper designs in these hues together.

Tip #3: Think about the room's theme

Consider the overall theme or aesthetic you want to achieve in the room. Whether it's modern, bohemian, vintage, or minimalist, choose a wallpaper design that complements the existing decor and enhances the room's ambience. If you're going for a tropical theme, opt for wallpaper with vibrant colours and tropical motifs like palm trees or pineapples.

Tip #4: Opt for versatile designs

Since teenage girls' tastes can change over time, consider selecting wallpaper designs that are versatile and timeless. Neutral colours or classic patterns can withstand evolving preferences and easily adapt to future decor updates. If she prefers cool tones like blues and greens, choose wallpapers with subtle patterns or abstract designs that evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Tip #5: Balance pattern and colour

Strike a balance between pattern and colour to create a visually appealing and harmonious space. If the wallpaper features a bold or busy pattern, opt for a more subdued colour palette. Conversely, if you choose a vibrant colour scheme, consider a simpler pattern or design. For warm-tone wallpapers, look for patterns like botanical prints or Moroccan-inspired motifs that add warmth and depth to the room.

Tip #6: Consider the room's size and layout

Take the size and layout of the room into consideration when selecting wallpaper. Large-scale patterns can overwhelm small spaces, while smaller patterns may get lost in larger rooms. Additionally, consider how the wallpaper will interact with existing architectural features, such as windows, doors, and built-in furniture. For neutral colour wallpapers, choose lighter shades and delicate patterns to create an airy and spacious feel in the room.

Tip #7: Think about longevity and durability

Invest in high-quality wallpaper that is durable and easy to maintain. Look for options that are washable, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant to ensure longevity and easy upkeep. Whether you choose tropical-themed, soft pink, or neutral colour wallpaper, prioritise quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Start personalising your teenage girl's rooms with stylish wallpaper designs

That’s a wrap! We hope you've found inspiration for creating a space that truly reflects your teenage girl’s personality and style. Whether she's drawn to bold colours and patterns or prefers a more subtle and sophisticated look, there's a wallpaper option out there to suit every taste and preference. By incorporating her favourite designs and motifs into her room decor, you can help her create a space that feels like a true reflection of herself—a place where she can feel comfortable, inspired, and at home. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and transform your teenage girl’s room into a haven she'll love spending time in for years to come!

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  • Safe and non-toxic: Our products are printed using stain resistant, VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compounds) inks on breathable, PVC (Polymerizing Vinyl Chloride) free paper. This ensures that your family and more importantly, your kids are not exposed to toxic chemicals which are usually present in traditional paint and wallpapers, all of which may have harmful health effects. 
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  • Wallpaper washability: All our wallpapers are washable, meaning that their surface is resistant to damage, and any domestic dirt or water stains can be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Resistant to colour fading: Our production technology is designed to ensure optimum resistance to colour fading.
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