In the world of interior design, wallpapers have the power to transform a space and set the mood for any room. One particular trend that has caught the attention of homeowners and designers alike is the use of dark green wallpapers. These wallpapers not only bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to a room but also create a calming and immersive atmosphere. Check out our handpicked selection of aesthetic dark green wallpapers, each adding a unique charm to modern homes.

Dark green wallpaper #1: Banana Leaves, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper

For a bold and tropical statement, the Banana Leaves Tropical Pattern Wallpaper is an excellent choice. The large-scale depiction of lush banana leaves against a deep green background adds an instant touch of exoticism and vitality to any space. This wallpaper is ideal for creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere in a living room or dining area.
Banana Leaves Wallpaper
Featured: Banana Leaves, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper

Dark green wallpaper #2: Bamboo, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper

If you desire a natural yet minimalist look, the Bamboo Wallpaper is an excellent choice. The repeating pattern of slender bamboo stalks creates a serene and contemporary ambience. This wallpaper is versatile and can be used in various rooms, including bedrooms, bathrooms, or even as an accent wall in a home office.
Bamboo WallpaperFeatured: Bamboo, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper

Dark green wallpaper #3: Scandinavian Forest, Mural Wallpaper

Embrace the charm of Scandinavian design with the Scandinavian Forest Wallpaper. The whimsical forest motif, featuring delicate trees and woodland creatures, adds a touch of enchantment to any space. The combination of dark green tones with lighter accents creates a soothing and captivating atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms or nurseries.

Scandinavian Forest, Mural Wallpaper in Green with rectangular dining table in Dining Room

Featured: Scandinavian Forest, Mural Wallpaper

Check out our collection of Scandinavian-inspired wallpapers that will add a touch of Scandi-chic to your home instantly.

Dark green wallpaper #4: Igor Shells, Pattern Wallpaper

For a coastal-inspired aesthetic, the Igor Shells Wallpaper is a delightful choice. The intricate seashell pattern in shades of green against a dark background brings a sense of serenity and connection to the sea. This wallpaper is perfect for creating a calming ambience in bathrooms or as a feature wall in a beach-themed living room.

Scandinavian Forest Wallpaper

Featured: Igor Shells, Pattern Wallpaper 

Dark green wallpaper #5: Ara's Jungle, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

Transport yourself to a lush jungle with the Ara’s Jungle Wallpaper. The rich green foliage, interspersed with vibrant parrots, brings a sense of adventure and intrigue to your walls. This wallpaper effortlessly captures the beauty and diversity of tropical forests, making it a perfect addition to a study or a child's playroom.

Igor Shells Wallpaper
Featured: Ara's Jungle, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

Dark green wallpaper #6: Moa, Tropical  Pattern Wallpaper

Create a tropical paradise in your home with the Moa Tropical Wallpaper. The vibrant green palm leaves against a dark backdrop instantly transport you to a sunny getaway. This wallpaper is an excellent choice for those looking to infuse their space with a lively and invigorating atmosphere, particularly in a home office or a reading nook.

Ara’s Jungle Wallpaper
Featured: Moa, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper

Pick out your favourite tropical wallpaper to bring the lush outdoors into your homes!

Dark green wallpaper #7: Night-Time Jungle, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

Experience the allure of a nocturnal jungle with the Night-Time Jungle Wallpaper. The deep shades of green, combined with the mysterious glow of fireflies, create a captivating and enchanting scene. This wallpaper is perfect for those who want to add an element of intrigue and drama to their space, making it an ideal choice for a statement wall in a living room or a bedroom.
Night-Time Jungle Wallpaper
Featured: Night Time Jungle, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

Ready to bring the wild beauty of nature into your home? Check out our guide on “Jungle wallpapers you’ll love for your home”!

Dark green wallpaper #8: Furada Floral Toucan, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

Infuse your space with the beauty of nature and the charm of tropical birds with the Furada Floral Toucan Wallpaper. The elegant combination of dark green foliage and vibrant flowers, accented by toucans, creates a visually stunning and captivating wallpaper. This design is perfect for those who want to create a vibrant and eye-catching feature wall in a dining area or a hallway.
Furada Floral Toucan Wallpaper

Featured: Furada Floral Toucan, Tropical Mural Wallpaper 

Dark green wallpaper #9: Pixie, Floral Pattern Wallpaper

For a contemporary take on floral patterns, the Pixie Floral Wallpaper offers a sophisticated and modern aesthetic. The abstract arrangement of delicate green blooms against a dark backdrop adds a touch of elegance and refinement to any room. This wallpaper is versatile and can be used in a range of spaces, from bedrooms to living areas.
Pixie Floral Wallpaper
Featured: Pixie, Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Create your very own floral wonderland within your spaces with our curation of floral wallpapers!

Dark green wallpaper #10: Monstera Green, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

Capture the essence of tropical charm with the Monstera Green Wallpaper. The iconic monstera leaves, arranged in a bold pattern, create a striking visual impact. This wallpaper is an excellent choice for those who seek a contemporary and trendy look, making it ideal for a modern living room or a home office.
Monstera Green Wallpaper
Featured: Monstera Green, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

Dark green wallpaper #11: Botany Mist, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

With its delicate fern leaves and misty green hues, the Botany Mist Wallpaper evokes a sense of tranquillity and freshness. The intricate detailing and subtle colour variations create a visually captivating backdrop for any room. This wallpaper is perfect for those seeking a harmonious blend of nature and modern aesthetics.
Botany Mist Wallpaper
Featured: Botany Mist, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

Dark green wallpaper #12: Amazon, Botanical Pattern Wallpaper

Embrace the lush beauty of the Amazon rainforest with the Amazon Botanical Wallpaper. The intricate depiction of tropical foliage in various shades of green creates a visually captivating and immersive experience. This wallpaper is perfect for adding a sense of adventure and natural wonder to a study, a lounge area, or a bedroom.
Amazon Botanical Wallpaper
Featured: Amazon, Botanical Pattern Wallpaper

Dark green wallpaper #13: Misty Jungle, Landscape Mural Wallpaper

Transport yourself to a misty rainforest with the Misty Jungle Landscape Wallpaper. The serene depiction of dense vegetation shrouded in mist creates a captivating and immersive atmosphere. This wallpaper is perfect for those who want to add a touch of mystery and tranquillity to their space, making it suitable for bedrooms or meditation areas.
Misty Jungle Landscape Wallpaper
Featured: Misty Jungle, Landscape Mural Wallpaper

Satisfy your love for adventure by bringing these beautiful landscape wallpapers into your homes, from majestic forests to the wide expanse of mountain ranges.

Dark green wallpaper #14: Emerald Tiles Wallpaper

For a touch of geometric elegance, the Emerald Tiles Wallpaper is a perfect choice. The interplay of dark green tiles with intricate geometric patterns adds depth and visual interest to any room. This wallpaper is ideal for creating a modern and sophisticated ambience, making it suitable for a home office or a stylish living area.
Misty Jungle Landscape WallpaperFeatured: Emerald Tiles Wallpaper

Dark green wallpaper #15: Terra Tessel, Pattern Wallpaper

Transform your space with the immersiveness of our dark green Terra Tessel Pattern Wallpaper. This exquisite design combines rich, deep green hues with the elegance of watercolour paint strokes on textured zellige tiles, creating a sophisticated and creative visual symphony that adds depth and character to any room.

Terra Tessel, Pattern Wallpaper in Green, adorning a wall in a vanity room

Featured: Terra Tessel, Pattern Wallpaper

Embrace the Allure of Dark Green: Transform Your Space with Stunning Dark Green Wallpapers

Whether you prefer bold and vibrant designs or subtle and minimalist patterns, these dark green wallpapers can transform your space and create a calming yet visually stunning atmosphere. Embrace the allure of dark green and let these wallpapers add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your modern home! Or check out other shades of green tones in our full collection of green wallpapers!

Why choose Hello Circus’ wallpapers?

We understand your wall comes in different shapes and sizes. Each wallpaper is therefore customised to the dimensions of your wall, making each wallpaper unique to your home. We also sell by per meter square (Height x Width x Unit Price) and not by rolls so that you only pay for what you need for your wall.

Check out our guide on how to measure your wall for wallpaper!

Benefits of our wallpapers

  • High Quality: Our wallpapers are printed on high quality non-woven paper in factories with the highest standards from Europe. They are reinforced with nylon fibres to make the wallpaper stable and resilient.
  • Matte and non-reflective: Our non woven wallpapers are coated with soft and non-reflective matte finishing.
  • Safe and non-toxic: Our products are printed using stain resistant, VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compounds) inks on breathable, PVC (Polymerizing Vinyl Chloride) free paper. This ensures that your family and more importantly, your kids are not exposed to toxic chemicals which are usually present in traditional paint and wallpapers, all of which may have harmful health effects. 
  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • Wallpaper washability: All our wallpapers are washable, meaning that their surface is resistant to damage, and any domestic dirt or water stains can be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Resistant to colour fading: Our production technology is designed to ensure optimum resistance to colour fading.
  • Fire resilient: Our wallpapers are fire rated in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2.

Read more about our wallpaper materials and check out our Ultimate Guide to Wallpapers for answers to the most commonly asked questions about wallpapers.

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