15 bold and beautiful wallpapers for your home

In the quiet corners of homes, where walls whisper stories of style and personality, an exciting trend is making a bold statement. Bold wallpapers have emerged as the protagonists in the narrative of interior design, transforming spaces with a flair that refuses to be ignored. These vibrant and daring designs speak volumes, turning ordinary rooms into extraordinary canvases of self-expression. The surge in popularity of bold wallpapers isn’t merely a trend; it’s a reflection of a desire for homes that resonate with personal stories and vibrant energies.

Seeking a bold yet stunning wall makeover? Let’s dive into our 15 bold wallpaper options, offering decorative twists that will transform your rooms with visual appeal.

Bold wallpaper #1: Crane Birds, Animal Mural Wallpaper

Transform your space with bold elegance using our Crane Birds Animal Mural Wallpaper! Experience the mesmerising dance of vibrant cranes, adding majesty and joy to your walls. Perfect for offices, living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms, this versatile wallpaper brings nature's charm to every corner. Elevate your surroundings with the playful beauty of our Crane Birds mural, creating a bold statement in your home or office.

Crane Birds, Animal Mural Wallpaper in dining room

Bold wallpaper #2: Majestic Elephant, Animal Mural Wallpaper

Step into the grandeur of the past with our Majestic Elephant Animal Mural Wallpaper. This bold design transports you to an era of regal splendour where majestic elephants take centre stage, adding an element of historical grandeur to any space. Whether in the powder room, living room, dining room, or bedroom, this wallpaper transforms your home into a stunning showcase. With endless possibilities for incorporation, infuse your spaces with the timeless allure of this bold wallpaper, creating a statement that resonates with historical charm and elegance.

Majestic Elephant, Animal Mural Wallpaper in powder room

Featured: Majestic Elephant, Animal Bold Wallpaper

Delve into our blog to discover fresh wallpaper ideas and valuable tips that will ignite inspiration for your powder room.

Bold wallpaper #3: Song Birds, Animal Pattern Wallpaper

Bring a haven of elegance with our Song Birds Animal Pattern Wallpaper. Featuring bold, airy motifs of vibrant flowers, berries, and tropical birds on upward-reaching branches, this luxurious design adds a touch of British sophistication. The light and exotic pattern breathes life into various background colours, allowing you to customise your space with ease. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and bathrooms, this wallpaper promises a stunning transformation, bringing bold elegance and visual intrigue to every corner. Redefine your interiors with this versatile choice that combines timeless style with a bold accent.

Song Birds, Animal Pattern Wallpaper in living room

Featured: Song Birds, Animal Pattern Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper #4: Peach Valley, Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Invite the beauty of the garden to your home with our Peach Valley Floral Pattern Wallpaper. The vivid blossoms and ripe peaches on this wallpaper are so lifelike that you can almost sense the bees buzzing around. Indulge in the sensory experience of taste and scent brought to life by this exquisite design. Elevate the ambience of your living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and even your kids' bedrooms, playrooms, and nurseries by creating a captivating feature wall with this enchanting bold wallpaper.

Peach Valley, Floral Pattern Wallpaper in bedroom

Featured: Peach Valley, Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Are you eager to infuse your living space with the charm and warmth of farmhouse-inspired wallpaper designs? Look no further! Explore our curated list of farmhouse wallpaper designs for a treasure trove of ideas and expert tips that will inspire your farmhouse-themed project.

Bold wallpaper #5: Raspeys, Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Embark on a journey through the ever-changing beauty of each season with our Raspeys Floral Pattern Wallpaper. This magical blend of spring, summer, and fall features a luxurious bouquet of oak leaves, raspberries, and rhododendron leaves. Elevate your living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, and stairways with this lively and bold design. Raspeys Floral Bold Wallpaper not only brings charm and tranquillity but also infuses your home with a burst of creativity, making it the perfect addition to transform your spaces throughout the year. Embrace nature's artistry in a bold and captivating way with this exquisite wallpaper.

Raspeys, Floral Pattern Wallpaper in hallway

Featured: Raspeys, Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper #6: Playful Tiger, Pattern Wallpaper

Elevate your space with our Playful Tiger Bold Wallpaper, releasing the essence of the wild in a stylish manner. Mesmerising with bold orange tigers artfully concealed in a lush jungle, this design transforms living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, offices, powder rooms, and kids' spaces into exotic escapes. Let the captivating jungle vibes redefine your space, creating a bold and stylish atmosphere that resonates with the untamed beauty of the wild. Let’s make a statement with this bold wallpaper for a truly daring and distinctive interior.

Playful Tiger, Pattern Wallpaper in kid's room

Featured: Playful Tiger, Pattern Wallpaper

Let’s explore the intricate details and vibrant depictions of nature's most enchanting creatures that bring a touch of the wild to your living spaces. Our animal-inspired wallpaper designs are here to inspire!

Bold wallpaper #7: Growing Wilderness, Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Experience the natural elegance of our Growing Wilderness Bold Floral Wallpaper. This distinctive design features intricate drawings of climbing flowers and leaves against a soothing green backdrop, evoking a delicate, paisley-like vibe. Complementing clean, English-style furniture, it adds timeless sophistication to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and offices. Elevate your decor with the captivating charm of this exquisite and bold wallpaper, making a statement in every space. Let this floral wallpaper be the ideal feature piece that brings a touch of nature-inspired boldness to your interior.

Growing Wilderness, Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Featured: Growing Wilderness, Floral Pattern Wallpaper 

Unleash your inner nature enthusiast and let your living room bloom with our captivating floral wallpaper designs. 

Bold wallpaper #8: Marrakech Tiles, Pattern Wallpaper

Reimagine your space with our Marrakesh Tiles Bold Pattern Wallpaper, a timeless design inspired by Morocco's rich culture. This wallpaper encapsulates the intricate beauty of Marrakesh's iconic tiles in a refined monochromatic palette. Infuse your space with the classic charm of this elegant, Moroccan-inspired pattern. Add sophistication to your living room, bedroom, or office, as the captivating allure of the bold black and white Marrakesh Tiles Wallpaper brings a sense of cultural richness to your decor. Elevate your surroundings with a touch of Moroccan-inspired opulence and make a bold statement with this enduringly stylish wallpaper choice.

Marrakech Tiles, Pattern Wallpaper in working room

Featured: Marrakech Tiles, Pattern Wallpaper

Are you drawn to the subtlety of grayscale tones or the boldness of high-contrast black and white? Let us help you find the perfect wallpaper to elevate your space with the understated allure of monochromatic designs.

Bold wallpaper #9: Calbri, Ombre Wallpaper

Experience the tranquil beauty of Calbri, Ombre Wallpaper. This bold colour wallpaper seamlessly blends two exquisite colour tones, creating a subtle yet captivating gradient composition. The nuanced tones form a faded and graceful transition, infusing your space with a unique touch. Ideal for cultivating a serene atmosphere, Calbri is available in five captivating colorways. Choose the perfect blend that resonates with your style for any space, be it your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or office. Effortlessly introducing an element of elegance, Calbri Ombre Wallpaper is your key to bold sophistication.

Calbri, Ombre Wallpaper in living room

Featured: Calbri, Ombre Wallpaper

Ombre lovers, this is your call to explore our most favourite ombre wallpaper collection! Delight in the spectrum of colours carefully chosen to decorate. Whether you're drawn to a subtle gradient or a bold transition, find the perfect wallpaper to add depth and style to your space.

Bold wallpaper #10: Amazon, Botanical Pattern Wallpaper

Enhance your home decor with Amazon, Botanical Pattern Wallpaper. For those in search of a refined botanical wallpaper that effortlessly blends style and subtlety, this bold allure design features an array of ferns and foliage in a soothing grayscale palette. Transform your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office into a tropical retreat with the timeless charm of this botanical wallpaper, effortlessly bringing the bold beauty of the outdoors inside.

Amazon, Botanical Pattern Wallpaper in living room

Featured: Amazon, Botanical Pattern Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper #11: Pine, Pattern Wallpaper

Evoke a sense of timeless elegance in your living space with Pine, Pattern Wallpaper. Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, where the pine tree symbolises longevity and honour, this wallpaper beautifully captures the evergreen essence. The graceful, large-scale dance of pine branches brings vivid serenity to your space. Versatile and fitting for various areas, this bold wallpaper design enhances living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more with its symbolic and stylish presence. Let’s have this bold energy design that resonates with the cultural significance of the evergreen pine tree.

Pine, Pattern Wallpaper in living room

Featured: Pine, Pattern Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper #12: Artist Palette, Pattern Mural Wallpaper

Energise your space with the Artist Palette Pattern Mural Wallpaper. This vibrant colour-block design adds a burst of style, elevating the atmosphere with subtle hues and depth for a chic and lively accent. Whether it's your home or office, this bold wall mural is the ideal choice to brighten up any space. Craft an outstanding feature wall in the kids' room, bedroom, living room, hallway, office, or even the ceiling. Elevate your interiors with the dynamic and visually striking appeal of the Artist Palette.

Artist Palette, Pattern Mural Wallpaper in bedroom

Featured: Artist Palette, Pattern Mural Wallpaper

Caught yourself in awe of geometric designs? Explore our wide-range collection of geometric wallpaper designs, where precision meets artistry. Find the perfect one to elevate your space with modern sophistication.

Bold wallpaper #13: Terry Leaf, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper

Turn your living space into an exotic paradise with Terry Leaf, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper. This captivating design showcases close-up illustrations of a palm leaf, creating a bold and visually striking botanical mural that's larger than life. The minimalist yet intriguing style, in bold yet soothing grey tones, makes Terry Leaf the perfect choice for infusing a touch of the tropics into your home. Whether adorning your living room, dining area, bedroom, office, or powder room, this wallpaper elevates your space with its tropical charm, creating an ambience of tranquillity and natural beauty.

Terry Leaf, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper in kitchen

Featured: Terry Leaf, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper

Are you seeking leaf and foliage wallpapers that bring soothing energy to your interior? Join us on a journey through the lush world of botanical patterns and discover how our guide can transform your walls into a canvas of natural splendour. 

Bold wallpaper #14: Jungle Land, Mural Wallpaper

Embark on a journey to a distant, mystical land with Jungle Land, Mural Wallpaper. Immerse yourself in the beauty of lush greenery and exotic wildlife, evoking dreams of distant shores and the creatures that await beneath the jungle trees. This versatile wallpaper design is perfect for various spaces, from sophisticated adult and teen areas to inviting living rooms. Bring the allure and mystery of the jungle into your home, letting your imagination run wild. Transform bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms into exotic retreats, allowing the captivating beauty of the jungle to captivate your senses and awaken your spirit of adventure with this bold and enchanting mural wallpaper.

Jungle Land, Mural Wallpaper in living room

Featured: Jungle Land, Mural Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper #15: Perspective Garden, Mural Wallpaper

Create a serene escape within your own home with Perspective Garden, Mural Wallpaper. This nature-inspired design effortlessly creates the illusion of peering out of windows onto a lush garden adorned with vibrant green plants and trees, introducing depth, views, and perspective to your room even without actual windows. Elevate the ambience of your living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, offices, and more with this stunning and immersive wallpaper. Let the captivating design transport you to a tranquil garden view, transforming your interior space into a bold haven of natural beauty that invites a sense of calm and serenity.

Perspective Garden, Mural Wallpaper in living room

Featured: Perspective Garden, Mural Wallpaper

Let’s bring the beauty of tropical blooms into your homes with our tropical wallpaper design options. The lush greenery is ready to add a touch of paradise to your space.

6 reasons to consider bold wallpapers for your homes

Beyond mere decor, bold wallpapers provide a unique canvas for setting your home apart from the ordinary. Let’s together discover the transformative power of bold wallpapers with these 6 compelling reasons to consider them for your homes.Express individuality

Bold wallpapers provide a unique platform for homeowners to express their individual style and personality, setting their homes apart from the ordinary.

Express individuality

Bold wallpapers provide a unique platform for homeowners to express their individual style and personality, setting their homes apart from the ordinary.

Create focal points

A bold wallpaper spot acts as a captivating focal point in a room, drawing attention and creating a visually appealing centrepiece for interior design.

Invoke emotion

Vibrant and daring patterns can evoke specific emotions, transforming a space into a dynamic and energetic environment or a serene and calming retreat, depending on the chosen design.

Enhance aesthetics

Bold wallpapers contribute to the overall aesthetics of a home, adding character and depth to walls and creating a memorable visual impact.

Keep up with trends

Staying on trend with bold wallpapers allows homeowners to keep their living spaces contemporary and fashionable, reflecting an awareness of current design preferences.

Easy room transformation

When looking for a quick and effective way to transform a room, a bold wallpaper spot offers a high-impact solution, instantly refreshing the look and feel of the space without major renovations.

7 tips on how to incorporate bold wallpaper into your living spaces

Now let’s unpack the 7 practical tips for incorporating bold wallpaper into your living spaces.

Tip #1: Feature wall focal point

Choose one wall in your living room to serve as a focal point. Apply a bold wallpaper design to this wall to create a striking visual impact without overwhelming the entire space.

Featured: Palm Paradise, Tropical Mural Wallpaper

Are you inspired to have a feature wall now? Browse our best selling living room wallpaper and find the one that’s most enlightening to you!

Tip #2: Coordinate with furniture

Ensure your bold wallpaper complements your existing furniture. Consider the colours and patterns on your sofa, chairs, or coffee table to create a cohesive and stylish look.

Tip #3: Blend with neutral tones

If you're using bold and vibrant wallpaper, balance the look by incorporating neutral tones in your furniture and decor. This creates a harmonious and visually pleasing atmosphere.

Tip #4: Use wallpaper in panels

Instead of covering an entire wall, use bold wallpaper in framed panels. This allows you to introduce the pattern in a controlled manner, adding interest without dominating the space.

Featured: Swans and Lilies, Mural Wallpaper

Tip #5: Create a statement ceiling

Extend the boldness to the ceiling for a unique and eye-catching effect. Choose a wallpaper with an interesting pattern or texture to draw attention upward and add visual interest to the entire room.

Featured: Sophie, Art Mural Wallpaper

Let's craft a memorable atmosphere that's bound to leave a lasting impression on your visitors with our wallpaper designs for ceiling guides.

Tip #6: Mix patterns strategically

If you love patterns, don't shy away from mixing them. Combine bold wallpaper with other patterns in your furniture or accessories, ensuring they share a common colour scheme or theme for a cohesive look.

Tip #7: Decorate the hallway

Decorate your hallway with bold wallpaper to create a sense of continuity. This technique adds a touch of drama to the architectural elements of the room.

Featured: Bamboo, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper


Do you need more hallway decor inspiration? Let us guide you on how to elevate your hallway to create a captivating first impression!

Let your walls become a reflection of your vibrant personality with bold wallpapers

As you embark on your journey to redefine your living spaces, consider the bold allure of wallpapers that speak your language. Dive into our collections, where every design is a brushstroke on the canvas of your home's story. Because in the world of interior design, being bold is not just an option; it's a celebration of your unique style. So, why settle for the ordinary when your walls can echo the extraordinary? Transform your living spaces with Hello Circus and let your walls tell a tale that's as bold as you are.

Why choose Hello Circus’ wallpapers?

We understand your wall comes in different shapes and sizes. Each wallpaper is therefore customised to the dimensions of your wall, making each wallpaper unique to your home. We also sell by per meter square (Height x Width x Unit Price) and not by rolls so that you only pay for what you need for your wall.

Check out our guide on how to measure your wall for wallpaper!

Benefits of our wallpapers

  • High Quality: Our wallpapers are printed on high quality non-woven paper in factories with the highest standards from Europe. They are reinforced with nylon fibres to make the wallpaper stable and resilient.
  • Matte and non-reflective: Our non woven wallpapers are coated with soft and non-reflective matte finishing.
  • Safe and non-toxic: Our products are printed using stain resistant, VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compounds) inks on breathable, PVC (Polymerizing Vinyl Chloride) free paper. This ensures that your family and more importantly, your kids are not exposed to toxic chemicals which are usually present in traditional paint and wallpapers, all of which may have harmful health effects. 
  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • Wallpaper washability: All our wallpapers are washable, meaning that their surface is resistant to damage, and any domestic dirt or water stains can be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Resistant to colour fading: Our production technology is designed to ensure optimum resistance to colour fading.
  • Fire resilient: Our wallpapers are fire rated in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2.

Read more about our wallpaper materials and check out our Ultimate Guide to Wallpapers for answers to the most commonly asked questions about wallpapers.

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