singapore condo wallpaper for bedroom

Make Your Singapore Condo Look Bigger with Wallpaper and Interior Design Tips

Even if your Singapore Condo has limited space, it doesn't have to feel cramped. By implementing a few well-thought-out styling and interior design techniques, you can create the illusion of more space and make even the smallest of homes feel more spacious. Discover more by reading on
Februari 02, 2023
living room design duo stripes wallpaper

Condo Living Room Design Tips & Wallpapers

Don't let your small condo make you feel cramped. Make the most of your space with strategic interior design and wallpaper tips that create an open, spacious feel. Discover how to maximise even the tiniest of spaces.
Februari 02, 2023
Colourful Wallpaper Designs for Your Home

Colourful Wallpaper Designs for Your Home

Colourful wallpapers are a great way to give any room in your home an instant facelift. They can help bring joy and vibrancy into a space and make it feel more inviting. Read on for colourful wallpaper inspirations and also learn how to pick the right colourful wallpaper design for your home!
Januari 21, 2023
wabi sabi interior design

Ways to Incorporate Wabi-Sabi Interior Design and Wallpaper in Your Home

Wabi Sabi has its beliefs originating from Japan dating back to the 15th century, it steers away from the modern society’s obsession with perfection and focuses on the present life. Incorporating the Wabi-Sabi interior design concept is much more than just following color coordinates and template or design style. It is a lifestyle. Instead, it is about elevating living spaces by focusing on simplicity and authenticity while making mindful and intentional design choices. 
Januari 12, 2023
Office Interior Design Ideas and Wallpapers

Office Interior Design Ideas and Wallpapers

An office with a beautiful interior not only enhances the overall aesthetics, but also provides a conducive and comfortable environment which improves your mood, creativity and productivity. Check out our useful tips & wallpaper ideas to get you started on your office makeover!
Januari 10, 2023
Japandi interior design kitchen will bamboo wallpaper

Japandi Interior Design Ideas & Wallpapers to Achieve That Look

Japandi is the blend of the two styles “Japanese” and “Scandi”. The minimalist Scandinavian interior is clean, warm, natural, with muted color palettes while it meets the beauty of traditional Japanese decor. It gave them inspiration for modern home design and that's how the word “Japandi '' derived. The key to Japandi interior design is creating something that is subtly decorated without feeling bare — somewhere that is elegant but where you can "feel at home and at ease.” 
Januari 05, 2023
Small entryway design ideas & wallpapers

Small entryway design ideas & wallpapers

Too often, we overlook the importance of designing our entryway, forgetting about how powerful an impact those first few moments can have on setting the tone for our home. Having a beautiful and inviting entrance is possible with some creativity and thoughtful design. If you're looking to give your small entryway some love, this guide has all sorts of ideas to inspire your project! Read on to find out more.
Disember 28, 2022
Dome ombre wallpaper in kids room

Ombre wallpaper ideas and why everyone loving this style

If you enjoy the myriad of colours over sunrise and sunset, consider getting an ombre wallpaper for your space. The design of ombre wallpaper is a horizontal or vertical colour gradation between two distinct hues. The ombre colours options are endless and inspired by everything around us – the colours of every season, sunrise, sunset, ocean blues and list goes on. Ombre wallpapers are timeless, classic, and they are more than just a passing trend. Let's explore why ombre wallpapers are so well loved and ideas to transform your walls.
Disember 16, 2022
Create the perfect dining room for hosting - ideas & wallpapers

Create the perfect dining room for hosting - ideas & wallpapers

A little bit of thoughtfulness can make all the difference in bringing both style and comfort to your dining area and provide a welcoming atmosphere that makes mealtime a more pleasant experience for all! Read on for more tips on how to create the perfect dining room for hosting!
Disember 11, 2022
Moa animal wallpaper in living room

Living Room Interior Design Tips For Small Singapore Homes - Ideas & Wallpaper

Whether it’s an HDB apartment or a private home, here are some ideas and tips when designing the living roomYour living room should invite people to want to hang out in your apartment, so you’ll want to make it both cozy and inviting at the same time.
Disember 09, 2022
Resort style interior design ideas & wallpapers

Resort style interior design ideas & wallpapers

Resort style design is all about creating a space that is both beautiful and functional, with an emphasis on relaxation and enjoyment. Check out our tips to achieve a resort style homes effortlessly!
November 28, 2022
Designer Spotlight - Stacey Leong

Designer Spotlight - Stacey Leong

Designing your first own home can be an exciting journey and yet understandably overwhelming with so many choices out there. We've always loved the works of Stacey Leong Interiors, and we are incredibly honoured to have a chat with Stacey, as she shares her insights on interior design. Read on for useful tips on how to find your own style, what are some interesting ways to add personality to your space, and more!
November 16, 2022