Delicately designed wallpapers that will turn your walls into art pieces. Beautifully handpainted by Sian Zeng, these wallpapers each feature her unique art style and take on incorporating story-telling into her designs. Bring these wonderfully crafted wallpapers into your personal spaces!

About Sian Zeng

Born in China, Sian Zeng spent her formative years in Hungary, eventually moving to the UK. She trained in art while living in all three countries, which has shaped her uniquely international style and technique. A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Sian turned to wallpaper designing because it united her love for painting, drawing and the printed medium. Forever fascinated by storytelling, our wallpaper collections are beautifully handpainted and interactive to encourage people to act out their own stories at home. Creating and designing from her London studio, Sian explores the possibilities of cutting-edge technologies alongside traditional techniques to create an exciting, storybook collection of wallpapers and wall decorations.