Wallpapers from Sandberg, a Swedish design company. Their hand-drawn wallpapers exudes elegance and polish and features a wide variety of Scandinavian designs inspired by the great outdoors. Their timeless designs will greatly compliment neutral colour spaces!

About Sandberg Wallpapers

Wallpapers designed with the hope of making a beautiful home even more extraordinary with a story. Our story lies in the details, details that are made possible due to each piece initially being drawn entirely by hand. For every design you see we go through numerous of sketches and ideas until we have reached that unique Sandberg expression that can truly convey the story each design was meant to tell.

Sandberg wallpaper covers the whole spectrum of classic and modern Scandinavian design. The inspiration for both colour and design often comes from the Swedish landscape and the nature surrounding us. From the northern lights to the beautiful archipelagos along the coastline down to the deep forests of Småland. We find beauty in the untouched, imperfect, overgrown and wild. Our patterns also pay homage to our historical and cultural heritage. Other times we find ourselves standing in the old archive with designs from the past finding inspiration in the present to create new and timeless expressions that will last long into the future. The result is contemporary premium wallpaper in Scandinavian style. Classic and beautiful, with a story.