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Transform Your Home with Our Customized Modern Designer Wallpapers globally
Custom mural designer wallpapers are making a comeback globally. Many homeowners seeking home and decor inspiration have used beautiful murals with vibrant colours and trendy patterns to match their painted walls. Using wallpapers as a feature wall in your home become a popular choice for every household globally. 
Choosing your Style and Right Wallpaper for Your Home
You must be wondering - where can i find designer quality wallpaper? Hello Circus partners with designers around the World to inspire and create modern designer murals and wallpapers. We work with illustrators to draw botanical designs, floral patterns with a strong focus on nature, leaf and greenery. Some of our wallpapers also feature animals from the animal kingdom such as rabbits, lions, elephants in the jungle, the ocean and sea as well as travel and world map for children. They come in various patterns, surface and textures and are meant to complement the style of your home.

As a wallpaper usually lasts beyond five years, it is a long term purchase. It is important you choose a beautiful and lasting design that suits your the theme of your home.

Matching the Right Colours
At Hello Circus, we focus on making wall art. For those looking for home and decor inspiration, we recommend using wallpapers with vibrant colours, hue and patterns as a feature wall and liven up the room. Most importantly, it is critical for you to pick the colours that best suit the walls within their children's nursery, bedroom and living room.

Choosing Quality and Sustainable Wallpapers
Our wallpapers are eco-friendly, sustainable and quality by manufacturing them with factories of the highest standards in Europe. Our wallpapers are printed on FSC-certified non-woven paper. This ensures that our wallpapers are easy to install and remove. We print our wallpapers using (Volatile Organic Compound) VOC-free and toxic-free ink. This ensures our wallpapers are safe for children and family and best for children's nursery, bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and study.
Preparation is the Key
The ideal surface for a wallpaper is flat, plastered and painted wall. Many interior designers, architects and interior stylists recommend using non-woven wallpapers as they are easily installed using glue and removed using water. Non-woven wallpapers are smooth and does not retain dust or dirt easily. They can be easily cleaned using a damp or clean cloth.

Get Your Modern. Quality, Aesthetic Wallpaper in Singapore now
Where can I buy quality modern & aesthetic wallpapers? Check out our designs online now, for wallpapers for living room, bedroom or children's nursery, kitchen, study, dining room, lounge and laundry room. Singapore wallpapers customized to fit your home. We deliver worldwide and provide installation services in Singapore and Malaysia.