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Ever thought of spicing up the look of your kitchen? Well... We have, and we would love for you to decorate your kitchen too! Make your kitchen look as good as the food that comes out of it, from timeless patterns to floral designs that will brighten up and spruce up the look of your kitchen. Choose your favourite wallpaper that will match with your kitchen fittings and even your dining accessories.

Tips for installing wallpapers in kitchen

1. Opt for heavy duty textured vinyl

Here at Hello Circus, you can opt for heavy duty textured vinyl, which is more resistant to moisture and hard-wearing. This will ensure that it can withstand the inevitable splashes and spills that may occur in a kitchen. Find out more about our wallpaper materials.

2. Consider wainscotting

Wainscoting is a practical way to introduce wallpaper in your bathroom or powder room as it helps to prevent splashes on the wallpaper and keeps the wallpaper dry as much as possible.

3. Ensure that your wall is smooth, clean, dry and flat

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Wallpaper for more tips on preparing your wall for wallpaper installation