When it comes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, few colours can rival the timeless elegance of brown. With its earthy tones and versatility, brown wallpapers can bring a sense of comfort and sophistication to any room in your home. Whether you prefer a rich chocolate brown or a subtle taupe, incorporating wallpapers with brown hues can elevate your interior design.

Here are some tips on how to seamlessly integrate brown wallpapers into your home

  • Accent wall: Create a focal point in your living room or bedroom by selecting one wall to be adorned with a captivating brown wallpaper. This will add depth and visual interest to the space while complementing the existing colour scheme.
  • Natural elements: Brown wallpapers pair beautifully with natural elements such as wood furniture, woven textures, and leafy green plants. Embrace the organic feel by incorporating these elements into your space, creating a harmonious and calming environment.
  • Contrast with lighter shades: To prevent the room from feeling too dark or heavy, balance the richness of the brown wallpaper with lighter shades. Opt for neutral or pastel-coloured furnishings and accessories to create a well-balanced and visually pleasing aesthetic.
  • Mix with patterns: Experiment with mixing and matching patterns to create a dynamic and eye-catching look. Consider combining a brown wallpaper with floral, geometric, or striped patterns for a unique and stylish effect.
  • Lighting Considerations: The right lighting can make all the difference in showcasing the beauty of your brown wallpaper. Incorporate a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to enhance the hues and textures, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

From soothing sandy hues to captivating terracotta tones, we have curated a collection of our favourite brown wallpapers that will inspire and delight you. Join us as we unveil the beauty and versatility of these shades, and discover how they can bring tranquillity, elegance, and grounded beauty into your home.

Brown wallpaper #1: Hand Drawn Plaids Wallpaper in Brown

Few design elements have stood the test of time, like hand-drawn plaid wallpaper. These classic patterns have been a staple of interior decor for decades and continue to be highly sought-after today. The Hand Drawn Plaids Wallpaper offers a modern take on this timeless design, with a rich, earthy colour that adds warmth and depth to any room.

One of the best things about hand-drawn plaid wallpaper is its versatility. Unlike other patterns that can overwhelm a space, plaids serve as a neutral backdrop that pairs well with a wide range of furniture styles and colour schemes. Whether you're looking to create a cosy den or an airy living room, the Hand Drawn Plaids Wallpaper is a versatile choice that adds sophistication and charm.

Hand Drawn Plaids Wallpaper in BrownFeatured: Hand Drawn Plaids Wallpaper in Brown 

Brown wallpaper #2: Lilo Fern Wallpaper in Sand

Our Lilo Fern Wallpaper is the ultimate choice for those who seek to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their walls. The delicate layering of ferns, intricately scattered, adds a stunning dimension to any space. not only does this wallpaper offer a refreshing ambience, but it also creates a soothing atmosphere that will leave you feeling relaxed and at peace.
Lilo Fern Wallpaper in Sand
Featured: Lilo Fern Wallpaper in Sand

Brown wallpaper #3: Saltwater Ripples Wallpaper in Sand

With the Saltwater Ripples Wallpaper, you can elevate your interior decor and create a comfortable and serene retreat to unwind after a hectic day. The constant and gentle ripples of the ocean waves create a surreal and soothing ambiance, making it feel like you're being caressed by the seaside breeze. Transform your home into a picturesque beach house and indulge in the soothing magic of the sea.
Saltwater Ripples Wallpaper in Sand
Featured: Saltwater Ripples Wallpaper in Sand

Brown wallpaper #4: Banana Foliage Wallpaper in Sand & White

Bring the beauty of the tropics to your home with our captivating Banana Foliage Wallpaper. The intricate illustrations of oversized and gracefully swaying banana leaves create a stunning textured effect on your walls, transforming your space into a relaxing haven. With its calming and rustic ambiance, our banana foliage wallpaper is the perfect choice for any room, whether you want to create a tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom or a soothing space in your living room. 
Banana Foliage Wallpaper in Sand & White
Featured: Banana Foliage Wallpaper in Sand & White

Brown wallpaper #5: Addison Chalk Wallpaper in Sand

Designed to evoke the natural beauty of chalk sketches, the Addison Chalk Wallpaper can instantly elevate any space. With its elegant and put-together appearance, it provides the perfect backdrop for any furniture and decor.
Addison Chalk Wallpaper in Sand
Featured: Addison Chalk Wallpaper in Sand 

Brown wallpaper #6: Aista Ombre Watercolour Wallpaper in Nude

With its enchanting gradient ombre design, the Aista Ombre Watercolour Wallpaper in Nude features seamlessly blended dark to light tones, finished with a delightful watercolour effect. Its soft colours and exquisite design make it a versatile choice for any room in your home, from the bedroom to the living room. Upgrade your living space and bring a touch of mesmerising beauty to your walls with the Aista Ombre Watercolour Wallpaper in Nude.
Aista Ombre Watercolour Wallpaper in Nude for your home
Featured: Aista Ombre Watercolour Wallpaper in Nude

Brown wallpaper #7: Olof Floral Wallpaper in Sand

Perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices and stairways, the Olof Floral Wallpaper is both lovely and lively. Its soft, muted colours add a gentle pop of colour to any room without overpowering other decor elements. The delicate, hand-drawn design captures the essence of natural beauty, creating a peaceful and relaxing ambience.
Olof Floral Wallpaper in Sand

Featured: Olof Floral Wallpaper in Sand

Browse our full collection of floral wallpaper designs to create your very own floral wonderland within your spaces!

Brown wallpaper #8: Vista Watercolour Wallpaper in Blush

The Vista wallpaper is a quick and effortless solution to transform any room in your home into a stunning feature wall. Its neutral colour tones are expertly blended to create an organic and sophisticated look that blends seamlessly with any decor style. With a subtle ombre effect that enhances depth and dimension, this wallpaper instantly adds character and personality to your space.
Vista Watercolour Wallpaper in Blush

Featured: Vista Watercolour Wallpaper in Blush

Brown wallpaper #9: Delicate Foliages Wallpaper in Sand

The Delicate Foliages Wallpaper is the perfect choice for anyone craving a touch of nature in their living space. With its understated elegance and natural tones, the wallpaper complements any minimalist room interior, effortlessly blending with natural materials and warm, rosy decor colours. Its soft and delicate feel creates a soothing yet visually appealing ambience, setting the stage for a tropical oasis right in your own home.
Delicate Foliages Wallpaper in Sand
Featured: Delicate Foliages Wallpaper in Sand 

Brown wallpaper #10: Tropics Botanical Wallpaper in Sand

Experience the sensation of being transported to an exotic oasis with our Tropics Botanical Wallpaper in Sand. This stunning wallpaper features life-sized palm trees and banana leaves that infuse any space with a touch of paradise. The earthy sand colour scheme enhances the natural beauty of these tropical motifs, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for your interior design.
Tropics Botanical Wallpaper in Sand
Featured: Tropics Botanical Wallpaper in Sand

Brown wallpaper #11: Delilah Waves Watercolour Wallpaper in Nude

Introducing Delilah Waves Wallpaper, a stunning rendition of nude ombre wallpaper that exudes a soft, subtle, and soothing vibe. The watercolour brushstroke finish creates a unique diagonal pattern that seamlessly blends dark and light tones. The result is an alluring gradient effect that instantly uplifts any room and adds a touch of elegance to your home.
Delilah Waves Watercolour Wallpaper in Nude
Featured: Delilah Waves Watercolour Wallpaper in Nude 

Brown wallpaper #12: Bianca Floral Wallpaper in Nude

With dainty yet enchanting flowers depicted against a tranquil and neutral backdrop, the Bianca Floral Wallpaper is a perfect choice for anyone seeking to infuse a touch of natural beauty and serenity into their living space. Whether you're looking to create a cosy bedroom, a relaxing living room, or a peaceful workspace, the Bianca Floral Wallpaper is sure to bring a touch of effortless charm and sophistication to your walls.
Bianca Floral Wallpaper in Nude

Featured: Bianca Floral Wallpaper in Nude

Brown wallpaper #13: Jon Watercolour Bamboo Japanese Wallpaper in Sand

Bring the calming essence of a bamboo forest into your home with the Jon Watercolour Bamboo Japanese Wallpaper in Sand. Crafted with watercolour details in gentle neutral hues, this wallpaper instantly elevates any room's atmosphere, emanating calm and tranquillity. The Japanese-inspired design features bamboo stems that provide a natural appeal and a serene aura. 
Jon Watercolour Bamboo Japanese Wallpaper in Sand for your home
Featured: Jon Watercolour Bamboo Japanese Wallpaper in Sand

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Brown wallpaper #14: Gold Metallic Space Galaxy, Wallpaper in Terracotta

Step into the galaxy with our Gold Metallic Space Wallpaper in Terracotta! This stunning design features a luxurious gold metallic linen texture, giving your space a celestial glow. The terracotta background is the perfect canvas for the crescent moon and shooting stars that seem to twinkle and dance across your walls. It's the perfect wallpaper for any dreamer, providing a sense of wonder and enchantment as you gaze up at the night sky.
Gold Metallic Space Galaxy, Wallpaper in Terracotta for your home
Featured: Gold Metallic Space Galaxy, Wallpaper in Terracotta

Brown wallpaper #15: World Map Wallpaper in Brown

Transport your walls to a world of wanderlust with our Brown World Map Wallpaper! Featuring a highly detailed map of the globe in shades of brown, this wallpaper is perfect for the adventurer at heart. The intricate map design highlights countries, cities, and geographical features, bringing a touch of sophistication and intrigue to any room. Whether you're decorating a study, bedroom, or living space, our World Map Wallpaper in Brown adds a worldly charm that is sure to impress. 
World Map Wallpaper in Brown
Featured: World Map Wallpaper in Brown

From traditional globes and old-world illustrations to whimsical and fun designs, there will be a world map wallpaper mural that fits your style. Check out our guide on Aesthetic world map wallpapers for your home!

Why choose Hello Circus’ wallpapers?

We understand your wall comes in different shapes and sizes. Each wallpaper is therefore customised to the dimensions of your wall, making each wallpaper unique to your home. We also sell by per meter square (Height x Width x Unit Price) and not by rolls so that you only pay for what you need for your wall.

Check out our guide on how to measure your wall for wallpaper!

Benefits of our wallpapers

  • High Quality: Our wallpapers are printed on high quality non-woven paper in factories with the highest standards from Europe. They are reinforced with nylon fibres to make the wallpaper stable and resilient.
  • Matte and non-reflective: Our non woven wallpapers are coated with soft and non-reflective matte finishing.
  • Safe and non-toxic: Our products are printed using stain resistant, VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compounds) inks on breathable, PVC (Polymerizing Vinyl Chloride) free paper. This ensures that your family and more importantly, your kids are not exposed to toxic chemicals which are usually present in traditional paint and wallpapers, all of which may have harmful health effects. 
  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • Wallpaper washability: All our wallpapers are washable, meaning that their surface is resistant to damage, and any domestic dirt or water stains can be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Resistant to colour fading: Our production technology is designed to ensure optimum resistance to colour fading.
  • Fire resilient: Our wallpapers are fire rated in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2.

Read more about our wallpaper materials and check out our Ultimate Guide to Wallpapers for answers to the most commonly asked questions about wallpapers.

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