Are you wondering how to transform your bedroom into a luxurious retreat? We've invited Aratamete, a luxury soft furnishing brand, to share with us some expert tips on choosing the right window treatment and rug to give your bedroom a quick refresh. Read on to find out more!

Hello Circus Aratamete - Fabric, style and utility when choosing between curtains or blinds for bedroom

Fabric, style and utility. What are some factors to consider when choosing between curtains or blinds for a bedroom?

Curtains - for a softer, layered look

Bright - For a light, airy feel with drapes that flow, you could choose a double-lined option for sheer curtain fabrics to make it thicker yet maintain translucency for light to filter through.

Moderate - If you're moderately sensitive to light and don't like the look of having a blackout lining as a backing material, you can pair a single layer sheer/day curtain with a single=layer night curtain

Dark - Blackout lining is the way to go. Pair it with a night curtain fabric for a complete opaque effect

How do I choose between Double Pinch Pleat vs Ripple Fold?

Double pinch pleases will cover the tracks so there is less light leakage whereas the ripple fold (also known as S-fold) will sit under tracks so there will be light leakage. Both styles also exhibit a different look and feel, so consider them in relation to your desired bedroom style - modern vs classic.

Curtains Double Pinch Pleat vs Ripple Fold - Hello Circus x Aratamete

Blinds - a modern look but with limited control of light leakage

Wooden venetian blinds - With its mechanism and structure, you won't be able to block out sunlight entirely. So if you're highly sensitive to light in the bedroom, it's a definite no. Moreover, there would be a halo effect around its perimeter due to the gap between the window and the blinds itself.

Roman blinds - A better alternative to wooden venetian blinds because of the malleability of fabric. You could also opt for a blackout lining which helps with blocking out light. However, it is possible that there will be a halo effect around the perimeter.

Roller blinds - Similar to Roman Blinds but blackout lining options vary.

Combination - Layering Curtains & Blinds

Layering Curtains and Blinds by Hello Circus x Aratamete

What kind of rugs are suitable for bedrooms?

What kind of rugs are suitable for bedrooms - Aratamete and Hello Circus

Tencel - Extravagantly soft, natural material from eucalyptus tree, breathable and cooling

New Zealand Wool - Natural hypoallergenic and has been found to act as a natural filter as it can absorb indoor contaminants and purify the air. Consider the option if your bedroom is always air-conditioned

Flatweaves - Typically much rougher than Tencel and New Zealand wool rugs due to its coarse, highly textured weaves. While flatwoven rugs woudl do great at living area, it may not be the bvest choice for bedroom. 

Most versatile? Strike a balance with a 50/50 blend of Tencel & NZ wool.

Rug size - a guide for the bedroom

Rug size guide for the bedroom - Hello Circus x Aratamete

What's one thing to keep in mind with soft furnishings for the bedroom?

Restraint is key. Keeping a tight control on the amount and type of texture or patterns will be a great start in creating a visually cohesive bedroom. Invest time in studying your surroundings, privacy gaps and light leakage, etc, especially in such a personal and intimate space like your bedroom.

In conclusion, choosing curtains, blinds and rugs doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the help of luxury soft furnishing brands like Aratamete, you can make your bedroom look like a luxurious retreat in just a few days. Do check out Aratamete and bring the life of luxury into your home!

Mac 09, 2023 — Daphnie Teo

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