A beautiful dining room can be an incredible addition to any home. When prioritizing looks over function, however, you may find that it’s not as cozy or comfortable as you imagined. That's why it's important never to forget about functionality when designing your dining room – it should look great and provide a welcoming atmosphere that makes mealtime a more pleasant experience for all. A little bit of thoughtfulness can make all the difference in bringing both style and comfort to your dining area! Read on for more tips on how to create the perfect dining room for hosting!

Tip #1: Invest in the right dining table

Take your time to invest in the right table for your dining room. Whether you're entertaining family or friends, make sure the table provides enough seating and space to enjoy a lovely meal together. Here are some useful tips to consider while shopping for the perfect table

Consider the shape that best fits your dining space

The shape of your dining room will affect what type of table you choose. If your dining area is long and narrow, rectangular tables work well in this space. For small spaces, consider an oval-shaped or round dining table.

Extendable dining tables are great for small spaces

These types of tables can be easily folded up and stored away when they're not in use, so you don't need to worry about them taking up valuable floor space especially if you don’t have much room to play with. Plus, many extendable dining tables can accommodate extra leaves at the top and bottom to increase their size as needed. This makes these types of tables one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own. Castlery's Seb Extendable Dining Set as seen below is a great option!

Castlery Seb Extendable Dining Set for 4-6

Photo credit: Castlery

Tip #2: Ensure comfortable seating

Keeping your guests comfortable is an important part of hosting a great dinner party. Invest in chairs with cushioned seats and backs to ensure maximum comfort for your guests. You can also consider purchasing furniture with extra functionality, such as an ottoman bench that can double as a storage area for your table linens or tableware.

Tip #3: Add ambiance with the right lighting

Dining room lighting serves a number of important functions in any home. Ideally, you want to strike a balance between ambient and task lighting that allows you to see clearly while also creating an inviting atmosphere. Consider proportion, hanging height and the brightness as you shop for the perfect lighting in creating an intimate and inviting dining room.

Featured: Saltwater Foliage Wallpaper

Lighting consideration #1: Proportion

Choosing lighting that is too small or too large for your dining room can throw off the balance and look of the space. A good rule of thumb is to select one that is about half to three quarters the width of your dining table.

If your dining room is on the small side, a narrow or streamlined fixture will help conserve space without sacrificing style or functionality. Conversely, if you have a spacious dining room with plenty of open wall space, then you can go bigger with your lighting - either choosing another large fixture, or opting for a series of smaller pendants clustered together to create visual interest and add a sculptural element.

Lighting consideration #2: Hanging height

The ideal light hanging height for a dining room is between 28 and 34 inches from the table surface, depending on the size of your table. This will help ensure that you can see everything on the tabletop clearly, while also preventing glare from overhead lighting or window reflections.

If your dining table is small or narrow...

you may want to hang your light fixture even lower - somewhere between 20 and 24 inches above the tabletop. This will help create an intimate setting and make conversation more comfortable.

On the other hand, if you have a large dining room with an especially long table...

you may want to choose a higher hanging light fixture so that diners at either end aren't sitting in darkness. An ideal hanging height in this case would be between 36 and 38 inches above the table surface.

Lighting consideration #3: Brightness

  • For a warm, cozy ambiance in your dining room, try using dimmer switches or soft-hued lightbulbs that allow you to adjust the intensity of your lighting.
  • You may also want to invest in floor lamps or wall sconces that provide extra illumination around the table or along walls. In addition to providing visual interest and setting the right mood, proper lighting can help enhance your dining experience by making food look more appetizing and minimizing glare on glasses and dishes.

The ideal light hanging height for a dining room will ultimately depend on the size and shape of your room as well as the size and shape of your dining table. No matter what, though, you'll want to make sure that your choice of lighting fixture will illuminate the tabletop as effectively and aesthetically as possible. By following these simple guidelines, you can be confident that you'll have a dining room light fixture that sets the mood for entertaining and adds an eye-catching focal point to your home.

Tip #4: Make it personal

Adding personal touches such as table linens and dinnerware that you love, will help to make the space feel like your own and will ensure that everyone who enters feels welcome.

Eden and Friends, Pattern Wallpaper in dining room paired with wooden furnitures

Featured: Eden and Friends Wallpaper 

Tip #5: Create a focal point with wallpapers

A beautiful wallpaper can help make every meal feel like a special occasion. With so many possibilities out there, choose one that fits your style and showcase your personality. To get you inspired, here are a few of our favourites in different styles.

Floral wallpaper for dining room - Adora Vintage

This is one of our favourite floral wallpapers! With its beautiful vintage florals bursting with hues of cream, yellow, orange and blue, it adds a splash of color that will make any style of decor come alive. 

Featured: Adora Vintage Floral Wallpaper

Love floral prints? Check out our full collection of floral-inspired wallpaper designs!

Coastal wallpaper for dining room - Saltwater Ripples 

With its gently rippling patterns that suggest the constant ebb and flow of ocean-waves hitting the shoreline, you can create a look that is both modern and peaceful with our Saltwater Ripples Wallpaper. The soothing colors evoke memories of being caressed by the sea-breeze; a sense of contentment in knowing all is right in your world. Get ready to relax - dinner time just got a whole lot more enjoyable!


Pictured: Saltwater Ripples Wallpaper

If you are looking to bring the coastal vibes home, get inspired by our coastal-inspired wallpaper designs

Tropical wallpaper for dining room - Palm Paradise

Get warm, breezy vibes with our updated Palm Paradise wallpaper, with luscious green palm trees. A great way to style this is to match it against wooden furnishing- it makes this mural stand out all the more.

Pictured: Palm Paradise, Tropical Wallpaper

Pick out your favourite tropical wallpaper to bring the lush outdoors into your homes!

Botanical wallpaper for dining room - Lilo Fern

Installing subtle fern wallpaper in a dining room can bring a sense of nature, beauty, and tranquillity to the space. With Lilo Fern Wallpaper, it helps to add botanical accents that stand out without drawing too much attention.

A cozy dining area with a wooden table set, modern decor, and a woven pendant light. The room is illuminated by natural light, highlighting the Lilo Fern, Tropical Pattern Wallpaper in Sand

Pictured: Lilo Fern Wallpaper

Modern luxury wallpaper for dining room - Marble Art

The slightly textured, neutral variations of marble create a subtle elegance and draw attention without overwhelming your space. Whether used to make a strong statement or to add some versatility, this is one design trend that stands the test of time. 

Pictured: Marble Art Wallpaper

Always a popular aesthetic choice, add that look of opulence to your interiors with one of our marble wallpapers

Striped wallpaper for dining room - Teira Stripes

Striped wallpapers can be a great way to give a small dining room some extra charm. From eye-catching vertical stripes that draw the eye upward and make the room feel bigger, to softer horizontal designs that create a feeling of calm, there are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing striped wallpapers for your dining room

Pictured: Teira Stripes Wallpaper 

Landscape wallpaper for dining room - Scandinavian Forest

Inspired by the Scandinavian forest where tall conifers set the mood, this unique mural will add a new dimension to your dining room, and can be styled to suit either a more traditional or modern scandinavian theme.

Scandinavian Forest, Mural Wallpaper in Green with rectangular dining table in Dining Room

Pictured: Scandinavian Forest, Landscape Wallpaper

Faux txture wallpaper for dining room - Terra Tessel

Terra Tessel, Pattern Wallpaper, inspired by Zellige tiles, is the perfect choice for your dining room. This design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The intricate patterns and subtle textures bring a refined, artistic quality to your walls, making your dining space not only stylish but also unique and captivating.

Terra Tessel, Pattern Wallpaper featured on a wall of a dining area with wooden tables and chairs, and kitchenwares that matches the aesthetics

Graphic lines wallpaper for dining room - Thea Graphic lines

Experience the elegance of our Thea Pattern Wallpaper, adorned with striking graphic lines. A perfect blend of lines and curves that transforms your dining room into a visual delight. Ideal for a modern aesthetic.

Thea Graphic lines, Pattern Wallpaper in Beige featured in a living area with several white chairs, wooden round table with a vase with plant, and wooden flooring.

Featured: Thea Graphic lines, Pattern Wallpaper

Abstract shapes wallpaper for dining room - Rina Abstract Shapes

Transform your dining room into a modern art gallery with our Rina Abstract Shapes, Faux Texture Mural Wallpaper. The soft pastel tones create a calming ambiance, while the abstract shapes pattern adds a touch of modern sophistication. This wallpaper is a perfect backdrop for your furniture and a reflection of your exquisite taste in interior design.

 Rina Abstract Shapes, Faux Texture Wallpaper featured in a wall of a dining area, with rattan chairs and black table with dishes and plant vase on top

Featured: Rina Abstract Shapes, Faux Texture Wallpaper

Crystal wallpaper for dining room - Agate Crystal Marble

Unveiling our Agate Crystal, Marble Texture Wallpaper - a perfect mix of style and class, designed to change your dining room. This wallpaper has a special agate crystal marble pattern, adding a hint of charm and elegance to any place.

Agate Crystal Marble Texture Wallpaper in Blue featured in a living area with several white chairs, wooden round table with a vase with plant, and wooden flooring.

Featured: Agate Crystal, Marble Texture Wallpaper 

Animal wallpaper for dining room - Oriental Birdsong Symphony

Introducing our new Oriental Birdsong Symphony, Animal Pattern Wallpaper! This wallpaper is a perfect blend of serenity and tranquility, with delicate bamboo and birds colored in pencil. It’s a perfect addition to dining room or any room that needs a touch of calmness.

Oriental Birdsong Symphony, Animal Pattern Wallpaper featured on a partition divider of a bedroom

Bird wallpaper for dining room - Crane Birds

Immerse yourself in the grace and playfulness of nature with our mesmerizing Crane Birds, Animal Mural Wallpaper, showcasing a vibrant flock of crane birds. In this dining room wallpaper, the cranes dance and frolic in harmonious unison, creating an enchanting spectacle of movement and beauty.

 Crane Birds, Animal Mural Wallpaper in office with wood furniture and pantry

Waves wallpaper for dining room - Breeze Waves

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Breeze, Waves Mural Wallpaper. Featuring meticulously etched waves in a serene colourway, this design creates the illusion of an undulating sea against a soothing icy blue backdrop. Inspired by Japandi style and Asian design, this wallpaper showcases exceptional craftsmanship and creativity, ideal for adding elegance and tranquility to your dining room.

Closed up Breeze, Waves Mural Wallpaper in grey featured on the wall of a cozy living area
Featured: Breeze, Waves Mural Wallpaper

Final thoughts: elevate your dining room space now

We hope that by following these simple tips, you can easily create a chic and stylish dining room that will make your guests feel at home. And don’t forget the wallpapers! A great wallpaper can really tie the whole room together and give it that extra “wow” factor. Be sure to check out our collection of beautiful wallpapers for the perfect dining room. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your space.

Why choose Hello Circus’ wallpapers?

We understand your wall comes in different shapes and sizes. Each wallpaper is therefore customised to the dimensions of your wall, making each wallpaper unique to your home. We also sell by per meter square (Height x Width x Unit Price) and not by rolls so that you only pay for what you need for your wall.

Check out our guide on how to measure your wall for wallpaper!

Benefits of our wallpapers:

    • High Quality: Our wallpapers are printed on high quality non-woven paper in factories with the highest standards from Europe. They are reinforced with nylon fibres to make the wallpaper stable and resilient.
    • Matte and non-reflective: Our non woven wallpapers are coated with soft and non-reflective matte finishing.
    • Safe and non-toxic: Our products are printed using stain resistant, VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compounds) inks on breathable, PVC (Polymerizing Vinyl Chloride) free paper. This ensures that your family and more importantly, your kids are not exposed to toxic chemicals which are usually present in traditional paint and wallpapers, all of which may have harmful health effects. 
    • Antimicrobial Protection
    • Wallpaper washability: All our wallpapers are washable, meaning that their surface is resistant to damage, and any domestic dirt or water stains can be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.
    • Resistant to colour fading: Our production technology is designed to ensure optimum resistance to colour fading.
    • Fire resilient: Our wallpapers are fire rated in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2.

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