Even if your Singapore Condo has limited space, it doesn't have to feel cramped. By implementing a few well-thought-out styling and interior design techniques, you can create the illusion of more space and make even the smallest of homes feel more spacious. Discover more by reading on

Condo Interior Design Tip #1: Explore Neutral and Light Colors

Opting for light colors in your home can help create the illusion of a more spacious and open environment. Consider using light neutral shades like white and pastel hues in your paint or wallpaper choice.
Do check out our neutral wallpaper designs and pastel wallpaper designs for more inspiration!
Small home design tips - use light and neutral colours
Featured wallpaper: Dome Ombre Gradient Wallpaper

Condo Interior Design Tip #2: Use Mirrors

Adding mirrors in a small space can reflect light, making it look and feel more spacious. Place a large mirror on one wall or hang multiple smaller ones to enhance the feeling of depth in your room.

Small home design tips - Use mirrors
Featured wallpaper: Geometric Panorama Wallpaper

Condo Interior Design Tip #3 Avoid Heavy Drapes

Opt for lighter window treatments that allow natural light to filter in and keep the space feeling open.

Condo Interior Design Tip #4: Choose Furniture with Multiple Uses

Consider furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as ottomans that can function as both a side table and storage solution, and can easily be tucked away when not in use.
Small home design tips - Invest in versatile, multifunctional furniture
Featured wallpaper: Shiplap Striped Wallpaper

Condo Interior Design Tip #5 De-Clutter

Keep surfaces free of clutter and consider investing in hidden storage solutions to keep your home looking neat and tidy

Condo Interior Design Tip #6: Maximize Natural Light

Bring brightness to your compact space by letting in as much natural light as possible.
Small home design tips - Let natural light in
Featured wallpaper: Kasumisou Japanese Wallpaper

Condo Interior Design Tip #7: Utilise Vertical Striped Wall Coverings

Employing vertical stripes on your walls can create an illusion of height and expansiveness by directing the gaze upwards, instead of sideways. This simple yet effective design trick can bring a significant change to your small space, making it feel taller and roomier.

Small home design tips - Use vertical striped wallpaper

Here are some of our top picks for vertical striped wallpapers to make your Singapore condo look bigger:

Vertical striped wallpaper #1: Shiplap

This popular wallpaper features a classic and adaptable design. It offers a stunning paneled effect and can be applied to the top, bottom, or all of the wall. By selecting either white or light gray for this design, your space will feel brighter and more open.
Shiplap Striped Wallpaper in white in rustic bedroom
Pictured: Shiplap Striped Wallpaper in White

Vertical striped wallpaper #2: Swiss Cottage Stripes

This Swiss Cottage wallpaper design offers an eye-catching, dimensional stripe pattern that can elevate the look of any small space. Choosing the light grey color option will also help to create an airy, open atmosphere in your home.
Swiss Cottage Stripes Wallpaper in Light Grey in Living Room
Pictured: Swiss Cottage Stripes Wallpaper in Light Grey

Vertical striped wallpaper #3: Teira Stripes

This wallpaper is perfect for those who prefer a more classic look with a modern twist! The 5 pastel colorways make it easy to match with existing decor and create a cozy atmosphere in any room.
Pictured: Teira Stripes Wallpaper in Dusky Blue

Vertical striped wallpaper #4: Delicate Stripes

This subtle design features thin stripes in various neutral tones, making it a versatile option for those looking for a more understated look. With 10 colorways available, you're sure to find the perfect match for your space.
Pictured: Delicate Stripes Wallpaper in Light Blue

Vertical striped wallpaper #5: Laura Stripes

Laura Stripes wallpaper brings a touch of elegance to any room with its delicate, thin stripes. This timeless design is versatile and perfect for creating a sophisticated look in any small space.

Pictured: Laura Stripes Wallpaper in Sage

Vertical striped wallpaper #6: Ocean Rope

This unique rope design features a nautical twist that adds texture and interest to any room, while its neutral tone makes it versatile and easy to integrate into your decor.
Pictured: Ocean Rope Wallpaper

Vertical striped wallpaper #7: Striped Linen

The Linen Stripes design is a timeless classic that is always in style. It's a versatile backdrop that can complement any interior style with its visual linen texture.

Pictured: Stripes Linen Wallpaper

Vertical striped wallpaper #8: Fernvale

The Fernvale wallpaper mural presents a serene atmosphere with its depiction of lush foliage in natural colors. This misty wood wallpaper brings the outdoors into your home and has the added benefit of vertical stripes that give the illusion of height, making small spaces appear more spacious.

Pictured: Fernvale Wallpaper

With these tips and suggestions in mind, you should be able to transform your Singapore condo and create a home that is both beautiful, spacious and functional. Just remember to prioritize comfort and functionality and you'll be on your way to a home that you love. For more inspiration, don't forget to explore our  bestseller wallpaper designs

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