Are you tired of tossing and turning at night, struggling to find that elusive state of blissful slumber? Well, you're not alone. Many of us underestimate the importance of quality bedding when it comes to achieving a good night's sleep. This is why we've reached out to our friends at SOJAO, the bedding experts, to share tips on how to choose the right bedding. Let's embark on this journey to create your ultimate sleep sanctuary!

Q: When choosing bedding, there are various materials available. What factors should we consider when selecting the right material for their bedding?

There are 4 main factors to consider - comfort, breathability, durability and easy wash care. We’re happy to say that SOJAO organic cotton bedsheets check all of these boxes as well as a bonus box that a growing segment of people are concerned with as well - Sustainability, as we are GOTS-certified organic!


Our Classic Sateen collection has a buttery smooth hand-feel and our Crisp Percale collection has a structured hand-feel. You might be a fan of either depending on your personal preference! But both are super soft and get softer with every wash and use. In fact, a lot of our customer’s pets naturally love to join their owners on their beds as well a true testament to their comfort!


In Singapore’s humid tropical climate, it was important to us that our bedsheets be moisture-wicking and not leave us sweaty in the middle of the night. Organic cotton is moisture-wicking as well as naturally temperature-regulating so you can have the most comfortable night’s rest.


Our cotton is grown organically without any chemical stresses so the yarn is extra durable and strong. Our sheets are an investment to enjoy for years to come.

Easy wash-care

There’s a reason why hotels all over the world use cotton as their first choice material for their bedsheets, and that’s because it’s a durable, fuss-free material that can withstand many washes. Just toss our sheets into a washing machine or dryer on low heat, and you’re good to go. No one has time for delicate materials that need to be hand-washed!

SOJAO Classic Sateen Bedding in Forest Green

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Q: Thread count is often associated with bedding quality. Could you provide insights into how thread count impacts comfort and durability, and how can we make an informed choice?

Thread count is just a measurement of how many threads per square inch. Just like any great dish when you’re cooking where you wouldn’t just look at the measurements of the ingredients but the actual quality of the ingredients themselves, it’s the same with bedding!

We found that for our premium long-staple organic cotton, 300 thread count was the perfect number for breathability and durability. Any higher and it would be unnecessary as well as uncomfortable because it would be denser, warmer and heavier.

SOJAO Classic Sateen Bedding in heartlandcave 

Q: What are some general tips for washing and maintaining bedding to ensure it remains comfortable and retains its quality over time?

Our sheets are really easy care and machine washable as well as dryer-safe. The only things to remember are wash with like-colors, refrain from washing with other items such as jeans as zips can snag and cause damage, and use less detergent. Detergent over-use tends to harden fabrics and damage them over time! Avoid using softeners too, as our sheets naturally get softer with every wash and use.

 SOJAO Classic Sateen Bedding in Navy

Q: Over time, bedding may start showing signs of wear. What are some indicators that it's time to replace bedding, and how frequently would you recommend to refresh our bedding?

You can consider replacing your bedding when it’s discoloured, starts to become thin or shows signs of fraying. There’s no fixed frequency to change your sheets, as it depends on how often you use them and how frequently you wash them as well.

 SOJAO Classic Sateen Bedding in Wine

A big thank you to our friends at SOJAO for generously sharing their expertise which has empowered us to make informed decisions regarding our bedding choices. Remember to visit SOJAO to fulfill all your bedding needs and experience the difference in sleep quality for yourself!

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Oktober 04, 2023 — Daphnie Teo

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