Wainscotting is in trend these days and we will share with you some tips show you how to make the space stand out more? 

What is wainscoting?

Wainscoting started out in the 18th century as a wall covering used to help insulate a room and provides a more durable surface than a painted wall.

Now, it's mainly used as a decorative accent panelling that usually covers half of your interior walls. It is usually installed only on the lower portion of the wall.

Why should I do wainscoting?

It helps make a room more visually appealing. While historically wainscoting was made from wood, this type of panel now includes a variety of materials  being that it is installed only on the lower portion of the wall. The height of this detail can vary depending on your rooms' designs and the look you are trying to achieve.

Some favourite spots for this panel treatment are in an entryways, as these spaces typically lack texture and architectural interest. Now, parents use it for kids room so that it protects the wallpaper from get drawn on and it is easy to swap out the wallpaper.

In addition, these wall panelling can be extended to create the illusion of a generous ceiling height.

Here’s some ideas how you can decorate your panels:

  1. Make your walls pop by painting your panels in a different shade to your paint
  2. Add an high impact wallpaper on the top half of wall to create for some texture and pattern
  3. Hang decorative onto your walls 

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November 17, 2020 — Hello Circus



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